THE POLAR EXPRESS – 12 Days of Christmas Countdown

Today’s 12 Days of Christmas Countdown movie isn’t one that a whole lot of people like. The Polar Express was a best selling book for many years before it was made into a motion-captured IMAX 3D film in 2004 by Robert Zemeckis.

The reason some people don’t like this movie has a lot to do with the motion capture technique. It almost looks a little too real from an animation standpoint. Especially in 2004, the technology wasn’t what it is today just 8 years later.

I still love this movie as I love most Christmas movies. Tom Hanks can do hardly if any wrong in my eyes. With Hanks voicing a lot of the characters in the movie, it gives it that Hanks/Zemeckis feel.

I highly urge you to give this Christmas movie a chance if you have yet to see it. It has such a magical feel to it that is sure to make anyone a believer in Santa. Check out the trailer below:

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