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SONS OF ANARCHY Finale, “J’ai Obtenu Cette” Recap – Oh Shit, that’s Damon Pope *Spoilers*

Sons of Anarchy, “J’ai Obtenu Cette” essentially translates to “I got this”, a statement assumed to be coming from Jax, but how did that really turn out?

*Spoiler Alert*  This article is rife with spoilers from beginning to end.  You have been warned.  Proceed.

At the outset of “J’ai Obtenu Cette”, Jax meets with Pope, telling the crime boss that he isn’t sure that he will be able to trust him once Tig has been handed over.  Pope assures him that’s not the case, and agrees to put it in writing.  With that bit of business out of the way, Jax makes plans to get Tig alone and hand him over to Pope.  I have to admit I started sweating at this point in the episode and didn’t stop through the entire show.  Tig is still my favorite character and I’m not ready say goodbye just yet.

We also find that Tara is healing much better than anyone expected.  In the middle of a meeting about her progress, Wendy pops in to lay out the truth for Tara, telling her that Jax shot her up with speed to keep her from going after the boys.  The most disturbing thing about this exchange is that Tara believes the accusation without hesitation.  Wendy tells her to get the boys away from Charming immediately.  Tara tells Wendy not to worry; that she’s getting out.  Gemma is tipped off to Tara’s plan by a delivery from Providence welcoming her to the practice that is delivered to the garage.  Tara pulls Jax aside at the clubhouse and tells him there is no permanent damage to her hand, following with an attempt to find out if Jax will tell her what’s really going on.  She asks about Wendy, digs for information, but he doesn’t give her what she wants.  Gemma confronts Tara about the job and pushes back against the younger woman.  She tells Tara that she’ll turn her in and fabricate a story if she tries to take the boys away.  Things get grotesque and then physical, Gemma is turning nasty, nasty, nasty.  Tara ends up in some very dangerous territory, grossly underestimating Gemma.

Nero is having issues with another crew.  The club calls in the Mayans to help send a message and goes in after the men causing the problem.  Tig loses focus when he sees a dogfight and what they do with the losers.  He saves the loser of the fight that they watched and takes the dog back to the club to stitch it up.  Sutter hits it hard, as always;  first dogs in trashcans then a face-full of nails for a member of the opposing crew, this is all followed up by a man shut in a van with an irate pit bull.  Is this Sutters not-so-subtle warning to those who engage in dog fighting?  In order to further distract, confuse and intrigue us, Jax’s sometimes guardian angel shows up at the warehouse as well, but as always it’s a momentary connection and then she’s gone.

Jax takes Tig with him to the warehouse to meet Pope under the pretense of it being the place that the dogs came from for the fights.  Holds him at gunpoint until Pope and his men arrive.  In this moment, I can’t believe Jax is actually handing Tig over.  What kind of business is Jax doing that he doesn’t get the contracts before handing Tig over?  Jax seems cold…telling him, “It all comes around Tiggy”.  I never (completely) lost hope and thankfully Jax turns on Pope, taking out all his men.  I have to say I breathed a sigh of relief.  Jax lets Tig take the final shot…with Clay’s gun.  Jax found a way to take Clay down after all.  He gives up the evidence to Sheriff Roosevelt, helping him to get the revenge he wants.  Jax didn’t cover his tracks well enough for Pope’s second in command.  He knows better, the two brains are battling against one another.  They are doing their own investigation into Pope’s death, but Jax just set up the second in command with a huge promotion.  The word is sent out to take out Clay before he makes it to court.

Jax finds out that Lee Toric was forced into early retirement for several violations and his sister was his only family.  He’s an off the books, outside the rules kind of cop.  Otto literally bites his tongue out to keep from talking to the feds…then throws it at the window.  We’re less than halfway through and it’s very evident this is an over the top episode.

Juice makes his obligatory moonfaced appearance in the middle of the episode.  He helps Clay and Gemma pack for their trip to Ireland.  Clay confronts Juice about the documents, tells him he knows Juice “had no choice”.  Clay tells him to let it go, and in a line that would make Dorothy proud, he states; “I’m gonna miss you most”.  Juice freaks and gives Clay a warning out of guilt, tries to tell him to go before Roosevelt can show up and take him down.  The warning comes too late and when Roosevelt shows up, Clay asks Gemma to corroborate his story that he had been with her the whole time.  Instead, Gemma tells Roosevelt a lie about Clay leaving with the gun, and it seems to come pretty easily.  Everything is tied up with a nice little bow, but Eli almost seems disappointed in how easy it all is.  He doesn’t like what he and Jax are creating. After all is said and done, Jax tells Juice how proud he is of him, but the younger biker doesn’t seem confident at all.  I’m not sure where that will go, but Juice certainly looks like he could do something crazy…again.

With Clay out of the way, Gemma can focus on nurturing her relationship with Nero.  When she seeks him out, Nero puts it to Gemma that he isn’t sure that he can be what she needs or wants right now.  She responds, showing her true nature; “Only men need to be loved, women need to be wanted”.  He reminds her that he’s in the middle of a lot of shit going down and that things are about to get messy.  That, of course, is nothing new to Gemma, and I’ve come to believe she thrives on the drama.  When her son arrives, Gemma eavesdrops on a conversation between Jax and Nero, finding out about Jax’s journals.  Jax begs Nero to get out, the older man makes a deal with the young biker that if he walks away, they both can.  Jax can’t commit to that.  Gemma finally clued in to Jax’s ultimate plan, which is dangerous information for her to have.

Bobby confronts Jax about what happened with Clay.  Juice and Tig are keeping their lips sealed about the whole situation.  Bobby tries to give Jax a life lesson, telling Jax he had a chance to be different but he lost it.  Jax seems to be accepting what he feels is his “true nature”.  Confrontation seems to be the theme of this episode and Tara decides to try her hand at it as well when Jax discovers that she wants Wendy to be the guardian for the boys.  Tara tells him she can be strong where he can’t and that she’s leaving with the boys for the job in providence.  Tara puts it to Jax that he will follow them if he loves them and that they will become Clay and Gemma if they stay.  Her plans are dashed with a knock at the door and the arrival of Sheriff Roosevelt.  Gemma did it; she gave the statement that will seal Tara’s fate after doing the same for Clay.  The queen has positioned herself perfectly to take over where she left off with Clay.  Tara should have never let her know what was going down, when lost her composure and the element of surprise, she lost her freedom and her family.

The episode closes with Bobby turning in his patch and leaving the club and Gemma taking Tara’s place behind Jax.  This episode took things to a new level of ridiculousness, grotesqueness and deceit.  Jax is losing sight of who he wanted to be, who his dad wanted him to be and is running completely in the opposite direction.  Tara fell into the trap that so many of us do, thinking she had won before crossing the finish line.  She laid her cards on the table early and lost her hand.  Gemma held up her end of the bargain, and the deal was she got to have her family back if she took Clay down for Jax.  Mission accomplished.  Going into season six we look to see what the hell is going on with Juice, I’m shocked that he made it all the way through this season honestly.  I’m excited to see what Donal Logue’s role will be as Tara’s fight to stay out of prison begins.  I anticipate a trial and huge power shift throughout Charming to rule season six.

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What did you think of the ending?  Do you like the new Jax?  What about the old Gemma coming back?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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