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SNL Highlights: Jamie Foxx’s Musical Monologue, J-Pop Christmas, and more

Jamie Foxx made for an excellent host this week! Frankly, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few sketches to highlight this week – there were so many great ones. The writing was solid and Jamie Foxx showed his comedy roots. Plus, we got a nice little Horrible Bosses reunion in the Maine Justice sketch! Check out the best of the best below:

Jamie Foxx’s Monologue

This season’s trend of musical monologues continued. This week, it makes total sense (not like in Jeremy Renner‘s week) since Foxx sang in the biopic Ray and had a radio hit with Kanye WestWatch his monologue here:

J-Pop: Christmas

I do love this recurring sketch and Foxx was a hilarious addition to the formula! The Japwanza tree and ninja star killed me, and then all the “de-de”s and the “my ninja” kept it going.

Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney

This is one celebrity switch up that I think everyone has done at least one time! I mean, how can their names and faces be so similar? Anyway, watch as the guys repeatedly try to distinguish them, while Mulroney himself doesn’t know who is who!

Jamie Foxx as a Ding Dong

And lastly, Jamie Foxx’s appearance during Weekend Update might be the most talked about moment from the episode. The whole Twinkie/Hostess debacle has been in the news a lot lately – talk about unions, CEOs, mismanagement, and more – but no one’s thought to ask the poor pastires how they feel. Watch the Ding Dong lay it all out here:

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