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Video Game High School

Daniel Johnson – Most web series too often feel like choppy overstuffed television pilots or amateur feature film ideas without the budgets (or talent) to support them, but Video Game High School (VGHS) succeeds, with each episode featuring a unique action set piece and story twist while still working within a continuous arc.  More importantly, it’s a show about gamers, made (and funded) by gamers, for gamers, which speaks perfectly to the Internet’s ability to work for a niche audience.  With solid production values, an enjoyably self-aware script, and a band of fun and engaging characters, VGHS is a web series by which others should be judged.

The Guild

Cat Edison – This web series still holds strong for me.  Felicia Day is still my best friend crush and you just can’t beat the cast of characters that have become heroes of hilarity in this gamer comedy.  Getting to see Codex attempt to move forward in the real world was a fun adventure and great reminder of what led her to her gaming ways in the first place.  Making sure the characters do not become stagnant is certainly a concern for this team as they work to develop their individual stories throughout each season.  I hope there is more fun for a long time to come, I can’t wait to see what we are in for next!

Sex House

Daniel Johnson – “The Onion” has had a lot of experience with parody, and when they branched out into the world of web series this year, they succeeded hilariously.  Sex House is a satire of modern reality shows featuring six contestants expected to have sex in an apartment.  As time goes on the contestants realize they are trapped without any way of escaping, and they grow more and more malnourished as the hand of the unseen producers try to find ways to make the show a hit.  Sex House is not only one of the best web series of the year, but one of the best pieces of black comedy in ages.

2012 has been a great year for television and I look forward to 2013.  I think that The Mindy Project is hitting it’s stride, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia had it’s funniest year yet and we are just getting into a new season of Justified.    I could write for days about my favorite TV, what you see here is only a snippet of my viewing experience and my number ones go on forever.  Tell us what you were watching this year and what your favorites of 2012 were, as well as which shows you could have done without!

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