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Screen Invasion’s Favorite TV and Web Series of 2012


2012 has been a banner year for comedic television.  We prepare to say goodbye to some and welcome others, feeling as though the cast of these comedies are old friends.  See below for the shows that tickled our funny bones this year.

30 Rock

Sarah Katz – Squeezed from the mind grapes of creator/star Tina Fey and many other talented writers, 30 Rock (NBC) delivered 30 awes episodes in 2012. From more Queen of Jordan and election commentary, to two weddings and a funeral (RIP Colleen), 30 Rock frequently had us lizzing ourselves at its hilarity and wondering ‘what the what!’ at its antics. Above all else, 30 Rock’s strength lies in its refusal to lemon: the characters evolve with the times, but remain ever true to their quirky selves. There will be nothing sweet about the sorrow of parting with 30 Rock on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Cat Edison – The crew has been in rare form this season and I think it was their best year yet. The writers managed not only to put together a zombie infested wedding in The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre (shades of [REC 3]), but the wedding was for one of the McPoyle brothers. Jimmi Simpson puts me in tears every time he appears in an episode and “The Gang Gets Held Hostage”, the Sunny tribute to Die Hard, will go down as one of my favorite television episodes of all time and Charlie Day and the Gang will always hold a special place in my heart.

Parks & Recreation

Kristal Bailey – While Parks & Recreation started off slow in its first season, it has steadily improved to make it the best show on Television. Season 4 had the fantastic overarching storyline of Leslie’s campaign race and Season 5 so far has successfully juggled two different locations/storylines. We’ve seen the growth of one of the most adorable, geeky couples on TV with Leslie and Ben, which just recently culminated with a heartwarming, surprise engagement. This past year on the show, they’ve had great physical comedy (Leslie’s campaign event on ice still kills me), touching character moments (relationships, break ups, Tom starting a new business just to name a few), and it has just consistently delivered the laughs. With the budding wedding planning storyline, I can’t wait to see where they go from here.


New Girl

Lyndsey Miller – I play in two fantasy football leagues, but I’m also a girl.  Even though I was hesitant to watch this “adorkable” show, I’m glad I did as it resonates with awkward single ladies everywhere.

Cat Edison – I admittedly had major issues with New Girl in the beginning of it’s first season, very publicly as a matter of fact.  Once the show found itself, focusing less on Jess and more on the cast of characters as a whole, it became an unstoppable comedic force.  New Girl reached new heights this year, continuing to brilliantly develop the characters and adding some seriously hard hitters to it’s guest list, including Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis.  Meriwether and her team are keeping us on our toes, making sure not to show their hand just yet.  I am fan of this show not only for the fantastic writing and adorable characters, but for the ability to push through the initial backlash and for making myself, along with so many others eat our words.

The League

Lyndsey Miller – I play in two fantasy football leagues with all men (and 2 girls), so, not only do I understand the football aspect, but I also love the humorous struggle between women and men in a male-dominated genre.

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