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Relive the Magic: The Trailer for PRISONER OF AZKABAN

Time to Relive the Magic! This week we are going to look back at the trailer for Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s always fun to look back at the trailers for each film and see how epic they got each year. This film introduced Harry’s god father Sirius Black, who had escaped Azkaban to find Harry and it caused major concern because of how dangerous he was said to be. We then find out that Peter Pettigrew, who turned out to be Ron’s pet Scabbers, was the secret keeper for the Potters and betrayed them. The students also got another new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lupin, who’s a werwolf. We also find out about Hermione’s awesome Time Turner, which got her to all of what felt like her 90 classes and contributed to her and Harry saving Sirius and Buckbeak from execution.

Here’s the trailer:

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What did you think about this trailer? Was this film anyones favorite out of all of them? I love Sirius Black! He’s definitely one of my favorite characters, him and Dobby are in my top 3 favorite characters from the franchise. Sirius’ death in Order of the Phoenix hurt my heart badly. Leave your thoughts on the trailer in the comments section below! Let me know what other trailers you’d like me to put up in future Relive the Magic posts!





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