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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: “The Final Page Part 1 and 2” Episode Recap

Well that was a game changer.

Last week, I called  out Carter Bays and the rest of the How I Met Your Mother production staff for simply repeating senseless stories lines and delaying the inevitable to a nauseating point. This week, they made me look like an ass. The show delivered with what was without question one of the best episodes in years, and one that reminded us why we loved the show. Well play HIMYM. Well played.

The first episode includes one of the best cameo appearances we’ve seen on the show, and that was the hilarious Seth Green.  Green played Darrell, a high school friend of their’s who they played hacky sack with. Their interactions are impeccable and fantastic.


On the other side of the story, Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) has been jinxed by Marshal (Jason Segal), and he vowed to never break it, because the last time he broke one, he was hit by a bus in the Season 3 finale. This also provides for some great moments of Barney doing Charades acting.

Lastly there’s Robin (Cobie Smulders), who takes things way too far at work, and fires Patrice for dating Barney. Patrice convinces her that Robin is the one who has the problem, not her, and she changes her mind. Last week, I complained about the yelling at Patrice. It was about to get very important.

Back to the gang in the car, Marshall and Lily leave to get some snacks, and Barney is desperate to get rid of his jinx. Eventually, he busts out an engagement ring, which causes Ted to say “Oh my god Barney!” and ends the jinx. He then tells Ted that he’s going to purpose to Patrice, and that he can’t tell anyone, especially Robin!

That just happened.  So where do we go from here. Well, the second part of the hour long episode picks up with Ted’s new building being honored.  It’s the biggest moment of his career, but Marshall and Lily can only be there for 10 minutes. Lily’s father is giving them a night off from Marvin, and they are having the first night to themselves in months.

Barney will also not be able to attend, because he will be purposing to Patrice. However, Ted cannot tell the gang why he won’t be there, so he says he just doesn’t know. Eventually, he asks Robin to be his date, and she gladly accepts.

Of course, Ted can’t keep the secret. He never was able to. Before Marshall and Lily leave, Ted calls Marshal to the bar. He tells him the secret, and they decide that he has to tell Robin. That is until Marshall says this.

“Sure, one more thing: Don’t.”

Marshall is of course on the Ted-Robin being together team, and Ted decides he can’t tell her. He picks her up for the opening, and she looks gorgeous in a bright red dress. Ranjit is the driver, and asks what the occasion is. When Robin prompts Ted to announce it, he says “Barney is getting engaged.”

Robin says she doesn’t care anymore, and they talk for 10 minutes about it before Robin tells him to go to his opening.  When they come back from commercial, Robin and Ted have arrived at Ted’s opening. However, when Robin opens the door, it’s the World Wide News building. Ted tells her to go get Barney, and after some more convincing, she gets out.

When Robin arrives, she walks into an aisle of rose pedals, leading the an arch underneath a mistletoe.  Underneath it, is a page. It’s the last play in the playbook, another joke they’ve been reprising nonstop this season. There are 16 steps. You can read them all at the bottom here. Essentially, it reveals that everything with Patrice was a plan, and that his feelings for her never went away. At the end, he purposes, and she says yes!


Well you guys know how much I love this! I was complaining about how they were delaying on this storyline, and they delivered in a huge way! The ending was very interesting. We flash to Ted being honor at his building. It’s the biggest moment of his life. Yet, you can see a sadness in his face. A loneliness in his eyes. He wanted to be celebrating with someone. He wanted to be with Robin. At the end, he blankly stares out of the window of his building, and the camera pulls out to show the World Wide News Building.

I had a thought earlier in the season for the finale. We know that the love triangle isn’t over, and things look like they could come to a head at the wedding. With this recent development, the timeline is looking good for having the Barney-Robin wedding in the finale. I think something will happen at the wedding. Maybe Ted walks out of the wedding? I think that would be a good way to end the season, if they do in fact go to a 9th season.

What did you guys think of the episode? Are you happy Barney and Robin are engaged? What do you think of our theory for Ted? Let us know in the comments!

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