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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: “Lobster Crawl” Episode Recap

Tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother revolved around two central story lines. On one side, Robin (Cobie Smulders) is doing her best to get one more “fix” out of Barney (Neil Patrick Harris)  before she can truly forget about him, but gets much resistance as Barney seems adamant about his being done with Robin. On the flip side, Ted (Josh Radnor) is stepping in as Marshall (Jason Segal) and Lily’s (Alyson Hannigan) nanny with her dad on vacation. Of course, Ted takes his job alittle too seriously, and also is the only one to see baby Marvin crawl for the first time.

Let’s focus on the latter story line first. Ted makes a scrapbook of all of the firsts that he take Marvin on, which includes first swim, first visit with Santa, and of course, first spaghetti. Given Ted’ desire to get married and settle down, it’s no wonder that Marvin is the center of his world.  Lily and Marshall can’t stand all of the firsts they are misisng because of Ted, so they fire him.


At the end of the episode, it comes first circle, as “a few years down the road”, Ted is dropping off his new born(who we’ve seen before), at Marshall and Lily’s. When Ted leaves, they tell the baby “get ready to see Santa.” That made me laugh out loud.

The episode focuses on Barney and Robin. When Lily figures out what’s going on with Robin, she tries to help her get back with Barney for one last fling. Robin begins to run different pages from “the playbook”m an homage to a great previous episode. However, none of them work out, some of which are ruined by the infamous “Patrice”.

By the end, Robin is deperate enough to employ a strategy of bringing in a hot co-worker to get Barney going. However, it backfires royally when he takes her home instead of Robin. Eventually, Robin goes to visit Barney, and gets a surprise when rather then interrupting Barney and her hot coworker, she is in fact interrupting him and Patrice. Barney is having trouble finding himself, and he is giving a girl like Patrice a shot, since nothing else seems to be working.

Normally I would love this twist, except for the fact that we know it’s just a ploy to put off the inevitable. Look, we know Barney and Robin are getting together. Rather then put it off for the whole season, why not just get them back together and spend the rest of the season building to the wedding. At this rate, we still won’t be at the wedding by season’s end, and the big final might just be the two of them getting back together in the start of their eventual marriage. If that’s the case, I might seriously be done with this show.


Get the ball rolling please.

What did you guys think of the episode? What’s going to be the next big step in the story? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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