Film Club – Episode 16: THE HOST


This episode see’s something dark, powerful and utterly symbolic emerge from the Han River. Joon-Ho Bong’s creature feature The Host is much more than just a roaring, rampage of CGI destruction. With dysfunctional families, social commentary and political satire hung underneath dark humour theres more to this monster than what resides beneath the water.




Kicking off a new year of Film Club, Dan has gone for a more modern, contemporary film which deals with youth and the digital age. Our next film and sixteenth entry into our ever growing catalogue is David Fincher’s THE SOCIAL NETWORK. We’re taking an extended break over the holidays so rather than the usual two weeks, you’ve got a total of four. So grab a copy, watch, let us know your thoughts on the flick over at our Facebook Forums and come back for our next installment on January 16th!

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