Fall TV’s Must-Have Character: The Kick-Ass Chick



Adventure Time
Monday @ 7:30-8pm (Cartoon Network)

© 2012 Cartoon Network
Princess Bubblegum in Adventure Time. © 2012 Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is a leader in TV feminism! Bubblegum humanoid, Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch), benevolently rules the Candy Kingdom while showing a passion and proficiency in both science and foreign languages. While she can sometimes lose control of her temper, she always puts her kingdom’s subjects first. A survivor of the Mushroom War, hipster vampire Queen, Marceline (Olivia Olsen) rejected her destiny of succeeding her evil father as ruler of the Nightosphere to play bass and help out Finn and Jake. An implied past relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum is a point for lesbian and bi-sexual characters in family TV programming everywhere. Not to be outdone, Lady Rainicorn (Niki Yang), half-rainbow half-unicorn, has more than proven her strength by rebuking her ignorant parents and even showing willingness to die to save Finn and Jake. She is also carrying Jake’s unborn puppies. – Brian Rudloff (@RealBrianRudlof)

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The New Normal
Tuesday @ 9:30-10pm (NBC)

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Georgia King, Bebe Wood, NeNe Leakes, & Ellen Barkin in The New Normal. © 2012 NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

The ladies of The New Normal have strong opinions and do their darnedest to make sure you don’t miss one word of any of them. As Goldie (Georgia King), Shania (Bebe Wood), Rocky (NeNe Leakes), and Jane (Ellen Barkin) battle it out over the topic of the week, each stands strong behind their beliefs…no matter how loudly (or offensively) another tries to shout them down. Whether or not we agree with everything (or anything) they say, each is a model of perseverance in the face of adversity. (And on a personal note: I think Jane may very well be one of primetime TV’s most equal-opportunity-offensive grandmothers yet. If the worlds of 30 Rock and The New Normal ever collided, and Colleen Donaghy (Elaine Stritch) was still with us, I think she and Jane would have been besties.) – Sarah Katz (@sarahdkatz)

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Tuesday @ 10-11pm (NBC)

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Monica Potter, Lauren Graham, & Erika Christensen in Parenthood. © 2012 NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

Monica Potter, who plays Kristina Braverman, deserves at least an Emmy nod for her work this season, as her character goes through the cancer process. Kristina is super mom. Her kids are her world, especially her son Max who has Asperger’s. Kristina is a loving wife and perfect compliment to her husband Adam. Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham) raised two wonderful children all alone. She is passionate in her life, especially when it comes to her two biggest, possibly only, accomplishments in her life, her children. She goes with her heart and not her head. Julia Braverman-Graham (Erika Christensen) is the powerful career woman. She’s rigid and bossy to do she wants to get done. Julia was the family bread winner for many years, just recently quitting her stressful lawyer job to take care of her new adopted adolescent son, Victor. Julia has grown in her career and now she is growing in her role as a mother. Generally speaking, if you are not watching this show, and you consider yourself an avid television watcher, stop what you are doing and start this series right now or take yourself out of that category of pop culture connoisseurs. – Theresa Amrhein (@theresamarieee)

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