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Everybody’s Fine is a Robert De Niro lead film about a widowed man seeking the attention of his four children. Frank Goode (De Niro) worked hard all his life making the coating of telephone pole wires so that his children could be successful. Frank had two daughters and two sons with his wife; Rosie (Drew Barrymore), Amy (Kate Beckinsale), Robert (Sam Rockwell), and David (we don’t get to see much of any of this child).


After each kid canceled on a planned weekend at Dad’s, Frank decides to travel across the country to pay a surprise visit to each of his kids. He travels to David’s first in New York City but had no luck at David’s apartment. David was nowhere to be found. Frank decides to go to Chicago to see Amy next. She is very dismissive in allowing her father to stay for a few days and ships him off to Robert in Colorado. He too tells his father he is too busy to hang out for very long. Next up was Rosie in Las Vegas. She was more willing to allow Frank to stay a few days but after an altercation in a bus station that left Frank without his much needed medication, Frank decides to fly home. Disaster strikes. Frank has a mild heart attack and is immediately rushed to the hospital upon landing. He wakes up to find Robert, Rosie and Amy at his bedside but no David. Come to find out, David was mixed up in drugs. He had traveled to Mexico and was being arrested after being caught buying drugs in a bar. In a fight or flight moment, David swallowed whatever the drugs were causing him to become very ill and die. Frank’s remaining three children are very reluctant to tell their father the truth but Frank gets it out of them. You see, Frank had been very hard on his children as they grew up. He demanded perfection and immense amount of hard work. This lead the kids to feel a distance with their father. They couldn’t be entirely honest with him in fright that he may be disappointed in them. After telling of how David died, they decided to be truthful to their father. The film ends with the family all together for Christmas and having an honest good time.


This film is entirely way too depressing. It is a good story and their is some decent acting but overall, a total buzz kill. De Niro gives a very solid performance as expected and so do the three main children featured in the storyline. It is just very hard to look past the depressing nature of everything that occurs in the film. It opens up with voice messages from the kids telling their lonely father that they had to cancel on coming to visit for the weekend. I know some people didn’t grow up with a great home or family life but I am close with both my parents and I would never want to make them feel sad like they do in this film. You can just see how sad and depressed De Niro’s character is firstly that his wife died 8 months ago and secondly that his own kids that he worked hard to provide for doesn’t want to spend time with him let alone be honest with the man. This film makes me want to be a better son to both my parents while I still have them.  It really makes you appreciate your hard working parents.

Overall, the film hits its’ mark. It makes you feel utterly depressed in the way you act towards your parents no matter how good a child you are to them. De Niro is actually very endearing in this film. I felt so incredibly bad for him. I just wanted to pause the movie, hop into through the TV and give them man a hug. Rockwell, Barrymore, and Beckinsale do a very decent job but each of their characters are given such limited screen time it’s hard to develop an entire character arc giving off more of a flat quality to their characters.

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