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DEXTER: “The Dark…Whatever” Episode Recap

I’ll be very interested to see how the action and tension stays at it’s season long level after tonight’s episode of Dexter.  All season long, Dexter(Michael C. Hall), has had to deal with multiple problems, making Dexter keep one eye open throughout the duration of Season 7. However, after tonight’s episode, Dexter really just has one thing to deal with. We will get to that as we go.

The episode opens at yet another arson, the third of which we’ve seen so far in recent episodes.  When Dexter meets up with Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski), he starts to explain why it is that he needs to kill. He tells her it’s because of his “dark passenger”. She doesn’t buy it, and tells him that ultimately, he is still the one doing the murders.

Their conversation is interrupted by a surprise visit from her estranged father, who we found out in last week’s episode almost drown her when she was six. At first, he acts like he has turned his act around, and is just looking to get back on good graces with Hannah. However, we quickly find out that he is actually looking for a loan for his new restaurant  and when she declines, he flips out. He leaves for a few drinks, and later comes back and drives his truck into her garden.

While this is happening, we get our first actual look at the arsonist. It is a young man who looks of Latino descent, and someone who has not been on the show before. He boards a bus, and douses three people in gasoline, before finally lighting one of them on fire. When they find a fingerprint on the bus, they can’t match it in the database. However, Dexter sneaks into the Juvenile records, and gets his guy.

Dexter meets him at his house, and plans to kill him. At all the arsons, the word “Bobby” has shown up. When Dexter asks him about it, he says that Bobby was his best friend when he was 12, and was there when he started his first fire. Bobby died in that blaze, and the killer now says Bobby is the one who’s doing it. Dexter does his speech about how he’s the real culprit, and is ready to stab the guy, when he realizes that the same applies to him. Dexter cuts him loose, calls an anonymous tip, and the serial arsonist is now taken care of.

Dexter gets a visit at his home from Hannah’s father, who tells Dexter that he has been getting money by selling secrets about Hannah to Sal. Now, he’s blackmails Dexter by telling him the name of a woman who was a witness to one of her first crimes. Clint says that unless he can come up with $20,000, he will tell the cops. That night, Dexter meets him again at a parking lot, sticks him with the needle, and takes him on his boat, where he stabs him and dumps him in the ocean.

However, the episode wraps with Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) telling Batista (David Zayas) that they have a tip on the witness from her father, meaning that Dexter was too late.  Considering Deb’s hatred towards Hannah, this should provide for some interesting secondary story telling as the season winds now.

I mentioned in the beginning that Dexter would only really have one more thing to be worried about to end the season. Well, Issak is dead. The arsonist is taken care of.  Deb is distracted with the new witness. So what’s left: Laguerta (Lauren Valdez). Last week, she teamed up with her old friend Matthews (Geoff Pierson) to find more about the Bay Harbor Butcher.  Well, LaGuerta is hot on the trail, and her and Matthews figures out that one of the people killed by the new “Bay Harbor Butcher” was one of the people who killed Dexter’s mom as a kid. Finally, the all important question is asked out loud by LaGuerta: What if Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher?

So is this all that is going to be the source of action in the last two episodes? It’s certainly interesting, but it’s not the most action packed of storylines. But it should be very interesting, especially if Dexter ends up having to kill her by the end of the season.  Or, what if he doesn’t get to her in time, and LaGuerta spills the beans to everyone? Shit could get real!

What do you think will happen with LaGuerta? Will Deb end up busting Hannah? Let us know what you think will happen in the the comments!

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