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DEXTER: “Suprise Mother F***er” Season Finale Recap

What a way to end the season! This season of Dexter has been unlike any of the seasons before, because the heat was never really on Dexter before. In previous seasons, no one knew of Dexter’s secret, and save for the occasional times where he was “almost” caught, he never had a sweat. That is until this season, where all he was doing was sweating. This made for a really solid season, and one that makes me more excited for next year!

The episode opens with Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) being visited in prison by Dexter (Michael C Hall).  In my head, I had a theory that Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) actually poisoned herself to get Hannah behind bars, but it doesn’t take her long to tell Dexter that she had to do it because Deb was trying to keep them apart. I get that, but it’s his sister. She had to know that would be crossing the line.

We flash to Dexter at his apartment playing with his son Harrison when there’s a knock on the door. It is Capt. LaGuerta with three police officers there to arrest Dexter for the murder of Hector Estrada. There’s just one problem: we don’t know if Estrada is dead or not. LaGuerta takes him in, and gets immediate questioning from Batista (David Zayas) and Deb.

LaGuerta tries to get Dexter in a corner, and for the first time in the show’s existence, Dexter actually looks nervous about lying to cover something up. Eventually, Masuka and Deb come in with evidence that Dexter wasn’t involved, and that in fact, he was able to get LaGuerta’s finger print on the wallet of Hector Estrada. This gives Dexter the green light to take off, and he does that as soon as he can.

Dexter ends up finding Estrada’s old wife, and sure enough, he hears Estrada’s voice from the apartment. Well now he knows where Estrada is, and he needs to take care of Estrada before he turns Dexter in.

Hannah is denied bail, but as she is leaving, her old best friend Arliene is there to give her something that she immediately swallows. On her way back to prison, she has a seizure, and is taken to the hospital. Once there, she is treated, and when the curtain is drawn, she starts to move her finger. When the doctor’s get back to her bed, she is missing, and once again, on the loose! Sneaky sneaky Hannah.

LaGuerta isn’t done of course. She calls Deb into her office to apologize about arresting her brother, then says she wants to go over some loose ends with Travis Marshall’s death. She pulls up gas station security cameras of Deb filling gas containers two blocks from the church. Deb gets caught red handed lying to LaGuerta, and let’s just say that Deb could work on her poker face alittle. LaGuerta has this in the bag for sure, and she is coming for Deborah now too.

Word gets back to Dexter, and he breaks into LaGuerta’s home to find signed warrants to check the GPS tracking on their phones. This is the last straw that LaGuerta will need to prove that they were connected to Travis’s death, so Dexter decides it’s time. It’s time to kill LaGuerta.

The climax of the season takes place in two scenes: one of joy and one of despair. Batista is throwing a New Year’s party that figures to also be his retirement party as well. On the other end, Dexter catches Estrada back in the ship yard, and has Estrada tell LaGuerta where he is. Deb calls the station and finds out that LaGuerta is going to the ship yard, and heads over there to stop it all.

Dexter kills Estrada, and plans to shot him with LaGuerta’s gun in the stab wound, then shoot LaGuerta in the head to make it look like a double murder.  He subdues LaGuerta, but just like the end of last season, he is interrupted by Deb. She draws her gun on Dexter, and when LaGuerta comes to, she pleads for her to shoot Dexter. After a few tense moments of arguing  Deb points the gun at LaGuerta, and shoots her!

Mind blown. Now, Deb went in one season from just finding out her brother was a killer, to killing a cop to defend him! Where do we go from here?! The final scene flashes to the two of them celebrating at the party, but you can see on Deb’s face how guilty she looks. Two things that I’m interested to see from Deb next year: How long can she hold up the lie of killing LaGuerta? And also, will she want to kill again? Hannah is on the loose again. Might be a good target for Deb to go after!


What an exciting end to the season. What did you think of the season? Do you think Deb will be able to keep her lips sealed? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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