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DEXTER: “Do You See What I See” Episode Recap

Can it be next Sunday already?! Last night’s Dexter answered some questions, but also brought some up, and the tease to next week’s episode looked awesome. We’ll get back to that later.

Ok so the epsiode revolves around LaGuerta (Lauren Valdez) trying to prove that Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is in fact the Bay Harbor Butcher.  Matthews (Geoff Pierson) goes to warn Dexter that LaGuerta is still on his heels, and him and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) come up with a plan to get rid of her for good. Deb plants evidence that leads them to a secret warehouse, where they find killing tools with Dokes’s prints on them. This convinces Matthews, but of course, LaGuerta is still not buying it.

Speaking of Deb, she goes to interview to see Arlene, Hannah’s (Yvonne Strahovski) former roomate, who is the one person who can put Hannah behind bars.  Arlene tells Hannah that she won’t rat her out, but Hannah doesn’t want to take any chances. Hannah goes to visit Deb, and pleads for her to back off. However, Deb says that she won’t stop till Hannah is behind bars.

Shortly after, Dexter gets a call that Deb is in the hospital after a car accident. Deb blacked out at the wheel, and drove off the street into a ditch, breaking her wrist and giving her bruises, but nothing serious. The accident was blamed on an overdose on anti-anxiety pills, which puts the blame in theory on Hannah. She completely denies it, but when Dexter finds Deb’s water bottle, it tests positive for excess amounts of anti anxiety medication, basically meaning Hannah poisoned her.

The police come to arrest Hannah, and as I was watching it, it didn’t feel right. I don’t think Hannah would poison Deb. Look, the accident wasn’t shown during the show. Is it too crazy to think that Deb would poison herself, pick a good spot to drive off the road, and blame it on Hannah? It would seem like an easy, and perfect, crime.

Getting back to Dexter, he is busy himself, as Hector Estrada is granted parole after 40 years in prison. Estrada was the guy who put the order in for the kill on Dexter’s mom, and is the only person still alive from that incident. Dexter tricks Estrada into coming to a ship yard for a supposed drug deal, then gets him on his table.

In the middle of Dexter’ usual speech, Estrada interrupts him, saying he’s been set up. He says that the captain of the police squad pushed for his parole so that he could be murdered when he got out. It didn’t take long for Dexter to realize that he in fact was being set up, as LaGuerta and a small squad are in the ship yard looking for them! Dexter gets out in time, but leaves behind the kill room with a chain saw. While it’s still not sufficient evidence, it certainly does imply that Dexter might be LaGuerta’s guy.

Well even though a ton happened during this episode, it was the tease to next week that has me excited! It’s the finale, and it looks like Dexter’s time has run out. Two things stuck out for me. 1. Dexter in handcuffs, being read his Miranda Rights by LaGuerta, and 2. Sgt. Dokes popping out, saying “Surprise Mother Fucker!” Amazing. My guess: both of these are a day dream. I actually don’t think Dexter will get caught, and I think that the big twist might come from somewhere else. I’m not too confident that this will be the specific twist anymore, but I have to stick to my guns! Either way, I can’t wait!

What did you think of the episode? Is Dexter going to get caught? Or is he going to catch LaGuerta first? We want to hear from you!

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