CHRISTMAS VACATION – 12 Days of Christmas Countdown

When you think of classic Christmas comedy films, you can’t help but immediately think of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Chevy Chase brings his ever so popular slapstick, fall down comedy to the Vacation series but this time in a Christmas themed story. Clark W. Griswald (Chevy Chase) is a family man whose attempt to be the perfect classic family ensues hilarity.

Clark is bound and determined to have the best and most perfect Christmas ever for his family, all of them. In typical Griswald fashion, everything eventually turns into a disaster of some kind. To begin the movie, Clark just about kills his family while driving into the woods to cut down there very own tree, a rather large tree at that. At one point Clark shuts the power out in the entire city due to the massive amount of lights he insists on covering his house in.



No matter what, you can’t help but love Clark for all his efforts. He tries his hardest but something always fails!


Another character that typically everyone loves to hate is Uncle Eddy played by Randy Quaid. His outlandish lifestyle and redneck-ability is just downright hilarious!

You may recognize one of the kids in the movie from one of your favorite shows on television right now, The Big Bang Theory. Johnny Galecki plays Rusty Griswald!


This is a great Christmas movie to sit down and watch with just about anyone and I highly recommend it. It was released in 1989 yet still holds up till this day as one of many people’s favorite Christmas movies. Check out the trailer from 1989:

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