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What to Give the TV Addict in Your Life

I Love You More Than TV Eye Test Poster

If you’re the TV addict in the relationship and your significant other constantly bugs you to cut down on the TV but you just can’t bring yourself to get off the couch…this poster makes the perfect gift.

Available on Etsy. 

TV Necklace

Perfect for TV addicts to accessorize every outfit and publicly declare her love for the mediu. There were a few different designs following this idea, but this one seems the most versatile. It can be worn discreetly as an other piece of statement jewelry, or, as the creator suggests, hold it up and watch through the TV hole to make your whole life seem more dramatic!

Available on Etsy. 

Apple TV Waffle Skin

Dress up that Apple TV with a sweet skin like this one made to look like a delicious waffle. It’ll dress up that plain white and show off some personality.

Available on Etsy. 

His & Hers TV Dinner Trays

For the couple that don’t own a dining room table, or who choose not to use it, this would make the perfect Christmas or even wedding present.

Available on Etsy. 

Keep Calm iPhone Case

If TV is their drug of choice and the best way to de-stress, consider grabbing this variation on the Keep Calm & Carry On poster: Keep Calm & Watch TV.

Available on Etsy. 

Membership to the Paley Center

If you’re in LA or NYC, the Paley Center for Media constantly have events with advance TV screenings, Q&As with casts and crews, panels with showrunners, and more. True TV fans will die over this great gift since it’ll get them in for free or discounted to all their events for a year.

Buy membership on their official website. 

Don’t see the right gift ideas here for you? Check out our other gift guides for more options. 

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