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What to Give the TV Addict in Your Life

We’ve done a bunch of gift guides this year focusing on the amazing Blu-Rays and DVDs you can buy. But what about things beyond discs and box sets of TV seasons? Here are some goodies that your TVaholic friends will be dying over.

The Revolution Was Televised by Alan Sepinwall

This new book from TV critic Alan Sepinwall follows the 12 shows that ushered in the golden age of television. I’m only halfway through it, but already thoroughly enjoy learning about how Oz, Buffy and Battlestar Galactica have shaped the television landscape we see today.

Available on Amazon. 

TV Small Pet Bed

Perfect for your friends that love stuff like My Cat From Hell and The Dog Whisperer, also for your friends who like good television and just have adorable, tiny pets.

Available on Etsy

iPad Wood TV Dock

If your friend is more addicted to watching shows on Netflix or Hulu Plus on their iPad instead of to an actual television screen, this wood dock should do the trick.

 Available on Etsy. 

Famous TV Couples Poster

For those ‘shippers out there, the ones who continually quote “We were on a break!” and those who have their Miss Piggy impression down pat. This TV couples poster is a perfect addition to their wall.

Available on Etsy. 

TV Test Pattern Throw Pillow

Add a splash of color to their living room with this cool throw pillowcase inspired from the television off-air pattern from the classic TV days. Did you know that TV wasn’t always on 24/7/365? They used to be off air at night, they used to have the test pattern up whenever there was no programming. Now, we have infomercials and Friends reruns.

Available on Etsy. 

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Kristal Bailey

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