Trailer for LET FURY HAVE THE HOUR Seeks to Educate and Inspire

As a child of the 80s, it’s easy to remember that time through the sepia-tinged memories of childhood and the splendid pop-culture that that period spat out into existence. Upon further examination though, one discovers a time of tumult, haves and have nots, social division, and a splendid period in underground music and entertainment that was inspired by consciousness, a dedication to one’s ideals, and noble ambition.

In writer and artist Antonino D’Ambrosio’s debut film, Let Fury Have the Hour, an impressive collection of artists and public figures talk about the social change that they seek, the power of creative response, and how this moment echoes the past.

Let Fury Have the Hour has the look of a thrilling history lesson, a road map, and a bit of easy inspiration for the listless who think that long odds merit resignation.

Here’s the official synopsis and the trailer. If you want to learn more about the film, check out their official site. Let Fury Have the Hour premieres in select theaters on December 14th.

An exuberant, mixed-media collage that incorporates graphic art, music, animation, and spoken word, the film spans three decades of change–from the cynical heyday of Reagan and Thatcher through today.  The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and brings together over 50 powerful, of-the-moment voices including street artist Shepard Fairey, comedian Lewis Black, musicians Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) and Chuck D (Public Enemy), and filmmaker John Sayles.

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