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Thirsty Thursdays: THE GOONIES

Happy Thanksgiving, Invaders! To celebrate, this week’s Thirsty Thursdays pick is family friendly so the adults can enjoy some drinks and anyone under-21 can still enjoy the flick. So grab your copy of The Goonies and six-pack of a nice Portland-brewed IPA and prepare yourself for an awesome night.

Print out the rules courtesy of Drinking Cinema:

Drink whenever:

  • Chunk talks about food. Personally, I see nothing wrong with continuing to eat ice cream once you discover you’ve been stuffed into a walk-in freezer with a dead body. I mean, come on — they’ve got Chocolate Explosion!
  • Mikey takes a hit of his inhaler. It’s awesome that the hero of the piece is an asthmatic. Kids with asthma need role models too!
  • The Goonies consult One-Eyed Willy’s map. Remember, whenever you need to consult a map, make sure everyone in your group crowds around it and starts yelling. That’s how my family does it, at least.
  • You see a gadget! You know, as sweet as it is when Data’s dad says “You’re my best invention,” I have to disagree. The Pinchers of Power fucking saved his life.
  • The Goonies all yell at the same time. I consider it the greatest regret of my life that I haven’t yet had a chance to scream in horror at a bunch of pirate skeletons while clutching five or six of my best friends in an underground cave.
  • Somebody mentions “rich stuff.”
  • One-Eyed Willy is mentioned or [SPOILER ALERT] makes an appearance.
  • The Goonies encounter a booty trap! I mean booby trap! Double-drink if accompanied by a Looney Tunes sound effect (classic Chris Columbus!).
Sick of your family and need to drown your troubles? 
Chug whenever: 
  • Truffle Shuffle!
  • Somebody says a word wrong.
  • Chunk breaks something.
One fun rule to make sure everyone stays awake despite all the drinks:
  • Yell “Jerk Alert!” whenever there’s a (you guessed it!) JERK ALERT. Anyone who does not comply either has to finish their beer or change into sweatpants with shorts over ‘em.

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