The 5 Most Ridiculous Poker Scenes

Pulling off a good poker movie is hard. It really is. The line between entertaining and non-believable is a thin one when it comes to movies, and directors often flirt with it too closely. Some movies can pull it off well, but others…well, let’s just to our list.  If this gets you into the mood for gambling, then visit www.partycasino.com!

How It’s Supposed to Be Done: Rounders Final Hand.

Before we dive into the crazy hands, let’s show you one that captures the game perfectly. The final hand of Rounders, the movie that brought Texas Hold’em to the world.

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See, here’s the thing about this hand: people actually flop straights. And often when they do, they slow play them against aggressive players like Teddy KGB. It’s a perfect way to end the film, as both players portray their characters to perfection. The thing that everyone wants to know is, what did Teddy have? My guess is pocket aces, the same hand that beat Damon to start the film, sending him on this journey to get back to him. We also highlighted Rounders in an earlier list we did, The Top 5 Poker Movies of All Time.

5. Tilt: The Entire Show– Anyone remember this show? Back when poker was first blowing up, ESPN tried to capitalize by making a poker drama TV series. It starred Michael Madsen and Chris Bauer, and they thought it would be the folllow up to their highly acclaimed but short lived first original hit, “Playmakers.”

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The show had promise, but it never really caught on with the viewers. At the time, I liked it, but looking back on it, the story is rather unbelievable, and the characters weren’t too appealing, which is why it wasn’t able to get a second season.

4.  Casino Royale– aces full over quad jacks- Ok, now I’m not saying that this hand is unrealistic really. It’s a cooler (term for a hand where neither player is ever folding), but it’s the talking after that bothers me. Check out the hand first.

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“You must have thought I was bluffing Mr. Bond”?!?!? Yeah that, or he had the third best hand possible. I like what they did earlier by establishing his opponent’s tell, but this wasn’t the way to do it. Have Bond risk his whole tournament on one pair, not aces full of jacks. As some of my favorites would say on Monday Night Football, “Come on man!”.

3. Supernatural– Quad 4s over Aces Full– My wife recommended I watch the episode of Supernatural where a demon like figure plays poker for years of your life rather then your cash.  The show was quite entertaining, and I thought that for the most part, the poker they showed was rather realistic and entertaining. Then, the final hand happened.

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There isn’t a video online of the hand, but basically, Sam Winchester gets his money in, acting like he is in a huge rush, on an A44 fop. The demon calls, and when the board completes, he shows pocket aces. Sam pretends like he is upset, then shows 44 for flopped quads. Too easy Supernatural. Too easy.

2. Maverick- Blind Royal Flush– This scene was an iconic one for me growing up, as Maverick was one of my favorite movies. However, the more I’ve played poker, and the more I understand it, the more ridiculous this hand gets. Check it out.

[springboard type=”video” id=”599663″ player=”scin001″ width=”560″ height=”315″ ]

Ok I get that the straight flush happened by cheating, but quads, into a straight flush, into a royal flush!? Not likely. I have no problem with the blind card at the end though that’s just badass.

1. Casino Royale– Final Hand– Yeah, Casino Royale gets two spots on this list. I love this movie: I like the action, most of the poker is great, but the final hand is just brutally ridiculous. We have four players left in the game, how should we do this? Rather then getting Bond heads up with the villan, why don’t we bust all of them on one hand! That’s realistic right?! No…it’s not. Check out the final scene below.

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If this were a two person pot, then fine. Three people even, sure. But four players, all making nearly unbeatable hands. Not likely. It’s too bad, because most of the rest of this game is highly believable, and the tension is palpable.

What do you think of our list? Are there any scenes that come to mind that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments!


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