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The 10 Must Have Box Sets


Rocky: The Undisputed Collection


This is the ultimate collection for the Rocky lovers out there. It includes all the films in an awesome box. Definitely a MUST HAVE.


You can find it at Amazon on Blu-Ray.


The Forever Marilyn Blu-ray Collection



Everyone loves the beautiful Marilyn! This collection is the ultimate collection for all her fans out there. Check out our 7 Days of Marilyn series, which includes reviews of films from this collection here.


You can find it at Amazon on Blu-Ray.



So there ya have it! My choices of awesome box sets you can get your loved ones for Christmas. It’ll also save you a trip to the mall which will surely be crowded and hectic. is the best place I think to buy almost the majority of your gifts. I hope you find whatever gifts you’re looking for. Hopefully my list of box sets helps you! If you do buy something, let us know in the comments section!

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