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SOUTH PARK, “Obama Wins” Episode Recap

In this week’s South Park, “Obama Wins”, Cartman  performs what may be the most creative form of voter suppression the GOP never tried. This is one of those grand all-encompassing pop-culture satires that, I’ve said previously, is entirely hit or miss with South Park. So did this hit or miss?

As Cartman is jet-setting across the nation, laughing at “hot nuts” jokes, and running through voting sites screaming for his mommy, I sat wondering what exactly he was doing. Any South Park fan knows Cartman was likely helping Romney. Soon enough, Cartman  invites Kyle to come take a look at what he’s done. In Cartman’s room are tens of thousands of swing state ballots. All for Romney apparently. Kyle runs out vowing to expose him. This is Cartman’s plan, of course. Soon, General Tsao of China gives Cartman a ring. As a fan of wordplay and of General Tsao’s chicken, I found myself laughing a bit too hard at these General Tsao’s Chicken jokes. I found it hilarious when Cartman pondered the existence of his study.

Eventually it’s revealed that Cartman wasn’t helping Romney win. In a strange turn of events he was helping Obama win. But, in my nerdy opinion, for good reason. In cahoots with the Chinese, Cartman helped Obama win so he would give the rights to Star Wars to the Chinese, taking them away from Disney. This isn’t exactly what I would want. It’s Cartman’s secret plan. He wants to play Luke Skywalker’s son, Cartman Skywalker. This was a hilarious reveal. And when Morgan Freeman appeared to explain it to us, I nearly lost it. I love a good Freeman joke.

In the meantime, the other boys are frantically searching for the hidden ballots. Butters accidentally reveals that he knows more than he’s letting on and pulls out his form of cyanide pill: an almond M&M (to which he is allergic). Allergy-ridden Butters is a hilarious Butters and I’m happy they found yet another way to breathe life into a character that apparently was losing steam with “Going Native”. As he attempts to mumble all of the info on Cartman, the boys turn to Kenny to interpret. This was pure South Park genius and I found myself wondering why they had never tried this joke before. But they didn’t stop there. When they ask where the secret meeting is being held Butters mumbles, “Red Lobster”. To which the boys ask, “where?”. Kenny assists, but to no avail. So, of course, Jimmy chimes in with all his stuttering glory. In my reaction, I believe I achieved my first ever ROFL. It was more of a HBTCATFL (Halfway Between The Couch And The Floor Laughing). Also, ten million bonus points to anyone who can tell me how to pronounce that.

Cartman hides the ballots at the last place anyone would look…A Hummer dealership. This was the weakest element overall. We get it, Hummers are lame. It was definitely one note and while they attempted to make the salesman a bit endearing, he wasn’t endearing enough to make me feel bad for the guy that he has to make a living selling Hummers. It fell flat almost immediately. But this dealership is where everyone descends in the final act. Cartman, having made a deal with Mickey Mouse (making his second crude appearance in South Park), rides in on a Tauntaun and the Chinese threaten Kyle and the boys to hand over the ballots. Cartman’s deal involved Mickey just giving him the role of Cartman Skywalker and a character names Jewbacca because he just doesn’t give a shit. I thought this was a great statement on how Disney feels about their recent purchase. Now Cartman, achieving his goals, realizes he needs to save the ballots and the Romney campaign. Luckily, for Star Wars and the country, Morgan Freeman shows up, yet again, to explain that handing Star Wars to the Chinese would be better because Disney may not be the right place for it. He earns a few new freckles for explaining something and Stan burns the ballots, to which they gather and sing, rejoicing in their president.

Overall, this was a great way to end the season. It was satisfying. I’m sad that it was over so quick and I’ve been enjoying covering South Park this half season. I already can’t wait for next season.


Weekly Pairing:

If you reveled in the deep political satire of “Obama Wins”, revisit the delightful charm and rich aftertaste of “About Last Night” (Season 12, Episode 12).



–          I loved the bit when Kyle wins 5,000 bucks for saying the General Tsao’s Chicken joke for the one millionth time.

–          Butters’ allergy face was priceless.

–          I loved this episode. It was hilarious and strong throughout. But it doesn’t hold a candle to “About Last Night”. That was pure genius.

–          Voter suppression? Nah, you’ve got Cartman to worry about.

–          I may be a bit immature, but I laughed as much at the “hot nuts” thing as Cartman did.

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