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SONS OF ANARCHY “Crucifixed” – Negotiations Go South

Hunker down kiddos, Sons of Anarchy, “Crucifixed” was longer and exactly what we have all been waiting for.  The story is being pushed along and with all that was revealed and occurred we are sure to see the fireworks start next week.  Our favorite young biker with the hangdog expression and puppy-like loyalty is in the thick of things and is trying desperately to scramble out of trouble, Tara finds out her negotiating skills are nothing compared with Otto’s and Clay finds a way back from the (almost) dead.

The episode opens where we left off last week, with Jax following Juice home, presumable to take him out.  Once Juice makes it home, he is greeted by a patrol car and officers who take custody of him.  He finds himself at the police station with Roosevelt who tells him Jax has figured out that Juice is the rat.  The sheriff tells Juice to get out of town before Jax can get a hold of him.  Roosevelt offers his assistance to Juice as well.  The young Son opts to stick around, he doesn’t have anyone else or anywhere to go.

We’ve seen the strong bond between Chibs and Juice and once Bobby brings Chibs in on everything that is going on with Juice, Chibs admits he knew about the leverage that Roosevelt was holding over the kid’s head.  He tells Jax and Bobby about the secret of Juice’s race. Bobby and Jax seem incredulous that the only reason Juice was so scared was because he didn’t want anyone to know his dad is black.   Jax decides it may be time to change at least one bylaw, opening the club up to a more progressive take on membership.  Juice decides to face things head-on, which I have to admire, and confronts Jax.  Juice tells him everything meaning Clay loses his leverage.  When Jax realizes Miles’ death is on Juice’s hands, he takes this knowledge to take further advantage of the almost used up Juice and his relationship with Clay.  Jax lets the junior member know that if he wants to make it to the other side of all of this he has to help Jax find the documents that Frankie told him about so they can be used to prove Clay is behind the home invasions and death of Sheriff Roosevelt’s wife.  Juice is still reluctant, despite everything he can’t stop feeling sorry for Clay.  Clay knows this and plays it up as much as he can, still trying to keep Juice in his own pocket.

In the process of searching for evidence against Clay back at his house, Juice puts his fingerprints on every one of Clay’s guns. Something like that just can’t bode well for him later.  Does this mean his story ends with Roosevelt thinking Juice is ultimately responsible for his wife’s death?  Will he die at the hands of the only person who truly cares about what happens to him?  When Clay returns home he tries to dig in under Juices skin a little again, telling him how much his support means and that he really needs the kid to have his back.  Juice is saved by the bell when Gemma shows up again to bring Clay groceries, playing more of the game Jax put her up to.  Clay, feeling confident, tries to move on Gemma and she suggests they take it back to their home. Clay is suspicious of what’s going on and moves cautiously. He’s no dummy and tells Gemma she’s the only thing he cares about; still playing games with her, knowing she’s playing games with him.   Seeing them together makes my skin crawl.  The question now is will Gemma get caught up with Clay again after all with everyone else distancing themselves from her?

After a visit to the prison, Clay learns about Otto talking to the feds and finds that Jax knew about it. Clay wants to know how he can get to Otto, is told he can’t get to him. Clay goes to the cartel instead, letting them know their case is about to be compromised by Otto, knowing they can get to him if need be. While chatting with them, he tells them he wants their protection, wants to let the MC go and join their ranks, work with Galen. The cartel thinks he would be more use to them at the head of the table again, which is what he was getting at anyway, though he denies this is what he wants.

We revisit Opie’s untimely demise when the prospects are sent out after one of the men who killed their friend as he is getting out of prison. They stake him out and lead the rest of the club to him. The Sons run into trouble when they discover the man they are searching for is being protected by the Grim Bastards and is T.O.’s cousin.  Jax can’t let it go, but Bobby is cautioning him to try and compromise, being the voice of reason in the face of a potential loss of alliance.  Jax tells T.O. if his cousin gives up the other guys involved in Opie’s death that he will be off the hook with the club.  However, once Pope tells Jax where the Bastards are hiding the other man they immediately go after him.  The Sons get what they need from him, and Chibs takes him out.   Jax claims it’s because of the delay in information, but he is breaking connections that go back a long way.   T.O. asks who Jax is, not recognizing him anymore, perhaps because he is turning into Pope? Bobby seems lost, he is possibly turning on Jax.  Will Bobby go back to Clay, thinking he is the winning team or will he just leave the club?  Jax doesn’t believe Bobby can hang through the battle that is about to come, he makes sure that Chibs has his back, putting together his army.

When Mayor Hale stops by, Jax makes a deal that if he could find someone (Pope) to back Charming Heights that Hale needed to use the garage to do all maintenance on the Charming Heights vehicles and he wants subsidized housing for Lyla and the kids.  Smart negotiating, long term returns.  Pope is impressed by the deal that Jax worked out, the devil on Jax’s shoulder seems to be winning.  Jax tells Pope that he will still hand over Tig, but that he still needs him to take Clay down.  I’m still not sure if this is true, but I’m leaning more and more toward Jax letting this happen.  Pope makes certain that Jax understands what jerking him around will get him.

Tara’s story played much more prominently in “Crucifixed“, in fact being the inspiration for the title of this complicated episode.  She seems to be getting lonely and everything that has gone on this season is certainly taking it’s toll.  The offer from Providence is a point of focus again; a representative even comes up to meet with Tara this time.  The woman from Oregon gives her the week to think about taking the job, I wonder if this time line will be significant in whatever scheme Tara is cooking up.  The doc goes back to see Otto who, being no dummy, figured out what Tara has been “treating” him for and fakes symptoms of meningitis in order to get Tara’s attention again.  During their visit Otto gets religious, telling her LuAnn was a “Jesus nut”.  He claims he has found religion again as well and agrees to get rid of his part in the investigation if Tara manages to retrieve a cross for him.  Looking from the outside in, we know Otto must be cooking something up because Sutter and crew would never make any thing that easy.  But despite what she’s seen, Tara falls for his pathetic display and charges Gemma with getting the cross for her.  Tara puts the necklace around Otto’s neck, and at his request hides it under his shirt, then leaves him alone so he can “pray”.  He uses the necklace to attack the staff, killing the nurse and tells Tara …”Redwood Bleeds”.   Otto still manages to hurt the club by putting a plan in place to take Tara down with the cross she smuggled in to him.  It’s beyond me how naïve Tara is after all she has seen and just her general life experience.  How could she trust Otto at all? It almost seems like she had some version of Stockholm syndrome, or he just plain duped her by making her feel sorry for him.

It seems Tara has learned her lesson, but most likely too late to matter.  Her possibilities of escaping the life, going to work at Providence and moving forward are shot to hell.  Jax is morphing into someone unrecognizable, someone his father would probably be wary of him becoming.  Clay is in prime position to get his power back, alliances will be split very soon.  Sides are being chosen, who will land where though?  We didn’t see anything from Nero this week, I look forward to it next week, though I think we might say goodbye to Mr. Smitz after this upcoming episode.  Lots of questions lie ahead, but a few things seem clear…Gemma and Nero are finished, Juice has a target on his head that will most likely only get bigger and Tara is losing it in more ways than one.

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What side are you on, Team Jax or Team Clay?  Which way do you think the club will be split between the two men?

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