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SONS OF ANARCHY, “Andare Pescare” Recap – Can’t You Smell that Smell

In Sons of Anarchy, “Andare Pescare”, Frankie is found yet lost, Tara treks into dangerous territory, and Jax starts to move in on Clay, as does Gemma.

The story never moves slowly in Sons of Anarchy, so I hesitate to say things slowed down in “Andare Pescare” because so much happened, but this was definitely a set-up episode more than the normal fast paced, adrenaline packed craziness forward episode.  Tensions are running higher than ever in the club, particularly between Jax and Clay, with Juice stuck right smack in the middle.  Gemma addresses Jax’s request from last week’s episode and makes a difficult decision, while Tara gets to the “heart” of the matter with Otto.

The hunt is on for Frankie as the club finds out that Chibs is okay, having been found on the side of the road where Mr. Diamonds left him.  SAMCRO votes on Frankie’s fate and decides it’s time for him to “Meet Mr. Mayhem”, meaning once they find him they are taking him out.  After church Jax and Bobby talk behind closed doors, the young leader telling his VP that he can’t get rid of Frankie right away, he needs him to trade for the rat in the pack.  The two men try to formulate a plan to get Frankie away from the rest of the club when they find him, but Bobby is skeptical it will work and both men know they have to get there before Clay.

We find Tara back in prison as the doctor for the day.  She puts in a request to see Otto again, which seems to send up a red flag for one of the staff nurses, but she takes Tara’s excuse and gets Otto up to the infirmary for her.  He is restrained this time, so he isn’t as much of a threat as he was before.  Tara brings him the one thing that Gemma told her would mean something to Otto; Luann’s perfume.  Tara tries to appeal to his loyalty to the club and guilt for turning.  This show has me so well trained that when Tara puts on some of the perfume at Otto’s request and then puts her hand in front of his nose to let him take a whiff, I was cringing the whole time as I fully expected Otto to bite her or something of the sort.  Tara then baffles me with her lack of sense when she unbuckles the man who threatened her previously, but to her credit he doesn’t attack.  Rather, he uses his free hand so he can use it to jerk off while she touches his head and he smells Luann’s perfume on her.  At home later, Tara tells Jax she saw Otto and explains how broken he is, following this with her own intimate moment with the dead woman’s perfume.  Tara thinks she made a difference, but there are no guarantees.  She may have actually finished breaking him and Otto’s final contribution to the club may be his death.

As the club sets out to find Frankie, Jax gives Clay reprieve on his bike when his hands start giving him issues.  This leaves Clay in the van along with Juice.  Just as they are about to take off, Clay gets a tip about Frankie and tells Juice to take off after him.   Clay plays like he wants to do right by the club and that he needs Juices help to redeem himself.    I am surprised that Jax wasn’t smarter about leaving Clay to his own devices, especially with a member as weak as poor Juice. Clay’s tip pans out before Jax’s and Clay forces Juice to join him in taking Frankie down even though the junior club member wants to let Jax know what’s up.  Before Clay makes it to Frankie, the doomed man tells Juice the truth about his ex leader.  Juice doesn’t want to believe he is aligned with the wrong guy, but knows it’s true.  The rest of  SAMCRO arrives in what seems to be the nick of time.  Clay hasn’t shot Frankie yet, but Neil (one of the men hiding Frankie) takes him out before Jax can talk to him.  Juice holds the key, it’s just a matter of time before he shares what he knows with Jax.

While Jax visits Tara at work, she finds out that Providence in Oregon is interested in her again.  Tara avoids the subject with Jax.  I’m unsure if this is because she has something up her sleeve or because she has decided her place is with the club and Jax.

Gemma touches base with Clay through the episode, laying the base work for her possible return to his side.  She is also still getting in deeper with  Nero.  The two make a visit to Nero’s son and take Carla’s ashes to Nero’s family mausoleum to put her to rest.  These moments show how much Gemma means to Nero and how much he trusts her.  It seems that he is making a move to put her in a more permanent position in his life.  After all of this, Gemma shows up at Jax’s house and lets him know that she really wants to be with Nero.  Because of how close the two of them are getting, she needs Tara to tell her that what Jax is promising is the truth.  I still have a hard time believing that the two of them will let her in that easy and I’m not sure they aren’t just playing her.  Once again, the thought that Tara may have an exit strategy in place comes to mind.  Nero can’t be part of her life if she has to go back to Clay.  When Gemma goes to Nero to tell him she can’t be with him, she finds that he has gotten her birds and makes things that much harder for her.  She cops out, doesn’t break things off and leaves.   She goes from Nero to see Clay to administer his shots, like the old days.  Does she intend to let Nero find out and end things with her or is she really going to try to play the two men?

Bobby seems to be taking up Piney’s torch and challenges Clay, letting Clay know that he’s on to him.  The two men play a little cat and mouse, ending with Bobby suggesting that Clay better get away with what he’s doing because he’s tired of burning friends.  Not so much of a threat as it is a warning, but Bobby may be putting himself in Clay’s cross hairs.

Jax and Roosevelt meet late at night for the exchange of Frankie for the sheriff’s secret.  Eli sees Frankie’s body and is outraged that Frankie is already dead.  Jax asks no less of Roosevelt to take on Unser’s role as their collaborator when he tells him it’s his responsibility to get the body taken care of.  Roosevelt has gotten in too deep to back away now.  Jax already knows the rat is Juice, Eli tries to back track for the kid, but it’s too late.  Jax takes off after Juice, but will he get the story from him before he takes him out?

It looks like things are escalating swiftly over the next few episodes.  Juice finds a protector in Roosevelt and it looks like he avoids Jax’s vengeance for a time, but he has to come clean at some point.  The hunt for the truth about Clay is on and neither Jax nor Roosevelt will stop until they get to it and take him down.

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