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SONS OF ANARCHY “Ablation” – Blackmail on the Homefront

This week in Sons of Anarchy, “Ablation, Gemma finds out what rock bottom feels like, Clay creates a new ally and Jax puts a dangerous plan in action.

The show opens with the accident scene with Gemma and the boys, the kids being taken away in an ambulance.  Tara and Jax are otherwise engaged, not at the cabin relaxing, rather taking the body of the assumed Niner back to the clubhouse to be disposed of.   Tara gets a taste of what really happens to those who mess with the club and what she has really chosen to take part in.  When they get the call about the boys Jax leaves the disposal of the body to the club and takes off with Tara to be with their son.  It really still boggles my mind that these two would consider, even for a second, leaving those two kids with Gemma, especially in the middle of all that is going on, but I guess it makes for good TV and a reason to really push Jax and Gemma to their brink.

Gemma is not copping to being drunk, but says same guys that ran Jax off the road rand her off the road after Clay suggests that’s what happened.  Jax believes it, even though it came out of Clay’s mouth first.  My initial hope was that Tara would be smarter than that, but she falls for the lie as well, actually thanking Gemma for protecting the boys.  Nero visits Gemma in the hospital as well.  When she tells him the truth, rather than the anger I expected, he tells her it’s okay and that she just needs to tell Jax and Tara the truth before she alienates herself.  Considering his love for his own son I am actually disappointed that he didn’t at least chastise her for her actions.

Juice is still under Sheriff Roosevelt’s thumb and at the hospital Eli presses him for information regarding the home invasions and the dead Nomads.  After seeing what is going on, Juice comes clean to Clay about everything, and I mean everything.  Clay finds out about the feds, Juice’s race, the stolen drugs…everything.  Clay in turn tells Juice about killing the Nomads after getting them to the trailer, using the trading of secrets to lock in a new right hand man.  He lost the Nomads, no longer has Jax, Tig or Bobby on his side and needs someone to do his dirty work.  Poor Juice just keeps getting in more and more over his head and I don’t think he’ll be able to get out this time.

When Jax meets with Pope, the racism is touched on a bit again with the comment to the gang leader regarding Jax’s attacker that, ”…he was black, what was I supposed to think”.  He is  pointed in the right direction and tracks down the man actually responsible for attacking him.  The hit man tells Jax he was hired by Frankie Diamonds to go after them, he also tells Jax that they didn’t go after his family, which is Jax’s first clue that Gemma was lying about being run off the road.  I think in that moment he decides she is lying, but he needs a little more than the word of a man who he is about to kill to go after Gemma.

We see Frankie again as he takes Nero and Lyla hostage to get money from the club. Frankie puts it to Jax that Clay was behind everything. Jax seems skeptical, and feels Frankie out for the attack on Gemma, but no dice again…strike two. Frankie takes Chibs as his driver for insurance and shoots Lyla as a distraction so he can get away without a tail.  While he’s there, Nero tells Jax the truth about Gemma, which I was again surprised about.  One reason is that I would think he would want to give Gemma a chance to do the right thing for once, but also because I thought that story arc would ride for a while longer.  I really didn’t think that the deception would be revealed in the same episode.  Jax seems ready to write her off, as most parents would and he forces Gemma to tell Tara what really happened.  The younger woman attacks Gemma momentarily and then banishes her before completely losing it.

Sheriff Roosevelt offers up the rat in SAMCRO if Jax gives him Frankie and anyone else responsible for Rita’s death.  Clay can’t have that any more than Juice can at this point.  Rolling over on Clay means death, but already having betrayed the club means the same thing, the kid is going down either way.  Faced with this information, Jax tells Tara that he thinks he has a way to take Clay down and out him to the club.  Immediately after this, he visits Clay, hinting at understanding why Clay lied for Gemma, that he knows he still loves her and getting the Clay to start thinking about his feelings for the her.  Part two of this plan requires Gemma herself.  Jax asks her to be his spy with Clay to get good evidence and secrets he can use to take the old man down.  The way in which he tells her what he needs her to do is pretty harsh, essentially telling her if she ever wants to be allowed back into the family that she has to whore herself out for the club.

I can’t tell if Jax really will allow Gemma back in to his life if she does what he says or if he is just stringing her along for his own purposes.  There is no doubt that Sutter is setting us up for all hell to break loose.  Clay is most likely going down or getting the hell out of Dodge before the club can take him out, Juice will probably not make it beyond this season either along with or opposing Clay.  Jax seems to be moving closer and closer to Pope, and what of poor Tig after all of this goes down?  We know his loyalty only lies with Jax out of necessity, will he play double agent to Clay?

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