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SNL Highlights: Jeremy Renner’s “Dead” Brother, The Standoff, and more

For an episode that I thought was pretty weak upon viewing, I’m surprised there are so many sketches I want to highlight. This week, Jeremy Renner stopped by the Saturday Night Live studio to host and promote…what exactly? The Bourne Legacy on Blu-ray/DVD? Oh well, for whatever reason this drama/action star decided to show his comedy chops live on air, which produced mixed results.

SNL continued this season’s trend of having musical opening monologues and who knew that Renner had such a voice? It’s too bad that they didn’t put that monologue online, but trust, he’s a double threat. But, of the sketches that did make it online, check out the highlights below.

The Standoff

The short about the Mexican Standoff that goes on far too long started off funny and just kept bringing it. I thought my favorite bit would be the shower scene, but then Adam Levine made an appearance as well! Plus, how can three guys holding guns and reading Goodnight Moon not be hilarious?

“Dead” Brother

The last sketch of the night started off slow but when Bill Hader started to play drums off Taran Killam‘s chest and face, I was dying. Then the surprising ending really got me.

Weekend Update: Winners and Losers

Weekend Update was really on point this week, given a lot of fodder with the Petreaus news. While Governor Chris Christie‘s cameo was great, as well as Jay Pharoah‘s impression of Kat Williams, the clear winner was Seth Meyers‘ segment on Winners & Losers.

Dress Rehearsal: Thanksgiving Fight

This segment was actually cut before the live taping, but of all the sketches that had a large Jeremy Renner role, I think this one showed off his comedy skills the best. He totally commits to being the crazy husband, even going so far as to strip and wear that mullet wig.

The Avengers 

Normally, I don’t include the lowlights from the episode, but this sketch was just so disappointing for me. Maybe my expectations were too high given how much I love The Avengers but the jokes just fell flat.

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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