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Meet an Invader: Marcos Canales, TV Writer

One of the first regular commenters on my old blog Too Interesting For Twitter was Marcos Canales. We both loved television, especially Chuck and would exchange comments back and forth on each other’s blogs. Soon, we both were thinking of doing a TV podcast and decided to dive right in together. The Small Screen Podcast was born and lived on both our blogs, then when TIFT merged with Napiers News to create Screen Invasion, it moved right on over with it. And when we were looking for TV recappers and news writers, I know Marcos would make an excellent addition to the team. Not only does he watch a lot of TV, he also follows the news, ratings, critical buzz, and so much more. He’s got a wealth of knowledge on all things television.

And now, get to meet an invader, Marcos Canales:


1. What drew you to the Screen Invasion team, over other bigger and older entertainment websites?

I got involved with Screen Invasion through my podcasting partner, Kristal. When she started up the site, I jumped at the chance of submitting write-ups on my favorite medium: television.
2. Briefly describe what you write about for the site for our readers.
I’ve written recaps of Justified, Archer, Happy Endings and Awkward. I occasionally cover big TV events like upfronts and scheduling. I also co-host The Small Screen Podcast with Kristal.
3. What’s one pop culture goal you want to accomplish before the world ends? (Mayan calendar predicts the apocalypse will be 12/21/2012)
Since I’m a TV junkie, I think it would be fun to attend one of the big events like upfront presentations or the Television’s Critics Association press tour. I’m sure Comic-Con would be fun too. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’d be possible to go if the world really ends in December.
4. What’s your desert island TV show and why? 
If I was stuck on a desert island, I’d have to take my Scrubs DVDs with me because it was one of the first shows I fell in love with, and the episodes consistently make me smile.
5. What’s your background in writing?
While I don’t have an official writing background, I’ve been blogging about movies, TV, sports and other pop culture goodness since 2008. I’ve been doing the whole recap thing for other sites since 2010 when I wrote about Chuck for thetelevixen.com.
6. What’s your guilty pleasure tv show?
Being an open Gleek, I’d have to go with Glee since it’s become more popular to mock the show than like it.
7. When you aren’t writing and watching TV – what do you do for fun?
I’m also a sports fan, so when I’m not absorbing all things pop culture, I’m watching college football, soccer and basketball. I’m also a sucker for a good poker game even though I’m a bit rusty.
8. If you could have dinner with 3 fictional characters – who would it be and why? What would you want to talk about?
Mr. Brown from Reservoir Dogs, Abed from Community, and Chuck Bartowski from Chuck because they’re all pop culture savants. We’d probably just sit around and riff on geeky stuff all night.
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