Interview: Hecho en Mexico’s Duncan Bridgeman Talks Music in Film and the Art of Mexico

Duncan Bridgeman is getting ready to release his third world wide film: Hecho en Mexico. The movie tells the tale of artists in Mexico, and how they use their art to cope with the harsh realities of their lives.  We reviewed the film earlier this week, so there’s been a lot of great Mexican music playing around here lately! We caught up with Bridgeman recently to ask him about the film, what inspired him to make it, and what is next on his plate. Check out the interview below!

1. What brought about the idea for it? It seems like a passion project– This is my 3rd film. I’m a musician not a filmmaker so my whole approach to making films is do the music first put the film into the music rather the the other way around. I’m also an undercover hippie so I’m interested in big light. The goal is to make the music sexy and make the audience feel, cry, laugh. They can come out with a different view of the world. This is my third one the other two went global. I didn’t know I was going to be the main guy going in. The ideas in the film aren’t necessarily about Mexico they are about how Mexicans deal with this idea we’re all thinking crazy things so how does art, music, philosophy, release us from that existence.

2. And you did it all on this one. You were Composer, Director, Producer. Talk about juggling all of that and how long the movie took: When I work there is nothing else. I’m really good with computers working since early 80’s whether its film, music, writing questions. I had editors I had DP’s I had a whole team around me but basically I love my work maybe I’m a control freak.

3. Two acts stood out for me. The spoken word guy that started by the escalators and then went through the markets was my favorite, and the clip shot in night vision. Can you talk about those: The first one was with a guy called Rocco Cordoba and he’s a speed poet. We were talking to someone who does that and he was recommended. I gave him the script and he came back 6 weeks later. Two or three months later and he said he knew it. He delivered it beautifully and also adding the string quartet. I told my editor to open it up, and the strings went beautifully with it. It was one of many happy accidents while making this film The other one the frontiers part. First time I was in Wahaca I met this poet. That wasn’t actually my footage. That was from a movie that one of my DP’s shot. 95% of the movie is my footage that was one of the few things that wasn’t mine.

4. Any movies or music you would recommend before watching?: To people who’ve seen the movie, I would strongly recommend they see my other movies. For people going in, the joy that I went into wasw due in large part to the fact that I didn’t know much and the amount that I learned. If you are Mexican you will see it and be reminded of it or if you are second generation you will see the mexico you wanted to see. I knew nothing about Mexico my naivety and inexperience were the key to how I saw it. I just saw who I liked what I liked and knew I would put it in.

5. What’s next for you after this?: I’m currently starring in a zombie movie. Two of my editors are making a zombie film so I was in that. I don’t know maybe I’ll be moving to acting. I’ve been working three years on this right now I’m just relaxing, partying, and enjoy it.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think if you did? Do you want to see it after reading the interview? Let us know in the comments!

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