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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: “The Stamp Tramp” Episode Recap

Well I was very curious to see where we would go tonight on How I Met Your Mother.  Afterall, the “Autumn of Breakups” was now complete, so who would they use to move the story forward again? Thankfully, they used Marshall (Jason Segal), and they brought back one of the my favorite old characters, Brad (Joe Manganiello). Unfortunately, things take a drastic turn for the worst by the end of the episode, but we will get back to that.

In other news in the episode, Robin (Cobie Smulders) helps Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) with his search for a new go-to strip club now that he can’t go to the one that Quinn works at. Throughout the episode, this story line serves more as a way to move things along, but it does lead to a huge development by the end of the episode. Robin and Barney leave Barney’s announcement party absolutely trashed, and after a conversation full of off balance standing and slurred words, Barney goes in to kiss Robin! After a few seconds of making out, Robin pulls away, saying she can’t do this. Well that’s interesting. We know that eventually they end up together, seemingly sooner rather then later, yet Robin is freaked out right now. My guess is this is a momentary speed bump, and that the two will be back together within an episode or two.

Going back to Marshall, he finds Brad dressed in street clothes outside his law firm. He tells Marshall that he’s been laid off for two years, and Marshall says he can get Brad an interview. Marshall gives Brad his “stamp of approval”, which is the underlying theme throughout the episode, and the reason for the title of the episode.

Brad struggles to maintain a professional appearance and personality during the interview, putting Marshall square behind the virtual 8-ball in the boss’s eyes. Slowly but surely, Marshall regains the trust of his boss, just in time for the big court case against their rival firm. While waiting for the case to start, Brad walks in, and sits with the opposing law firm. As it turns out, Brad was spying on Marshall and his team’s arguments, and now they are going to use it in their testimony!

Side note: come on guys. Brad was one of the most likable ancillary characters on the show. Why you gotta do him like this? Now I have to hate him, and I love Brad.  Maybe things will turn out ok. Marshall is given an ultimatium: win the case, or you are fired. After this, the voice over tells us that this was the biggest case of Marshall’s career, but that they will get back to that.

This is exciting for me. It looks like we will have more Marshall, which is a great sign. I was worried that Lily and Marshall were going to turn into supporting characters, with the Barney-Ted-Robin love triangle driving most of the season. However, it looks like we might be focusing more on Marshall’s career, and his journey through fatherhood, which has me excited.

That wraps up our review this week! What did you think of Robin’s reaction to Barney’s kiss? How do you think this trial will work out for Marshall. Let us know in the comments!

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