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HOMELAND, “The Clearing” Episode Recap

Another week has come and gone of Showtime’s hit series, Homeland.  After last week’s episode I had a lot of questions that were really itching under my skin.  Would Carrie be blinded by the sexual tension between her and Brody? Would Dana spill the beans on her recent hit-and-run with Finn?  Is there an imminent attack coming at the end of this season?  All these things were major questions that were bugging me and I wanted answers.

Well, I got a few of the answers but to a certain point.  I’m still left with questions, but that is what is so good about this series.  With dramatic cliffhangers like these, I can’t wait for the next Sunday to come so my questions hopefully get answered. We are moving past the halfway point of this season and stuff is really starting to pick up.  I really liked Sunday’s episode it was a little laid back at times but still provided the drama that provides for these great cliffhangers. Let’s Jump in.

“The Clearing” begins with the Brody family and the Walden family on their way to a fundraiser hosted by Rex Henning, a very wealthy contributor to Vice President Walden’s campaign.  We get our first piece of drama when Jessica confronts Brody about Tom Walker’s death.  She pries at the subject due to allegations made by Mike in last weeks episode.  Brody, trying to salvage any kind of dignity, reveals to her that he had a part in Walker’s death but lies saying it was part of a CIA operation gone wrong.  This upsets Jessica just as they are arriving to Henning’s estate.

During the fundraiser, Rex pulls Brody aside to have a private conversation with him.  There, he reveals that he served in the Navy  through multiple tours and knows what Brody is going through.  He tells Brody he is proud that he kept his will about him and did not ‘break’ while being held captive (the irony is so sweet).  He also tells Brody that he is endorsing Veep Walden so that he can see Brody’s name on the ticket in eight years as President.  Meanwhile, Dana and Finn continue to argue about if they should tell their parents about their incident after learning that their victim died.  They decide to tell and they spill the beans to Jessica and Cynthia.  The Walden’s decide the best way to deal with the situation is to cover it up.  Jessica and Brody both disagree to this and are not satisfied without going to the police.

Back in the CIA world, Saul makes a trip to a maximum security prison to seek help from Aileen Morgan, who was captured last season as a known terrorist.  Saul meets with her to hopefully get an ID on the man that Roya Hammad met with last episode.  Aileen bargains with Saul wanting a cell with a window, because she can’t take it much longer.  Saul meets her request and she gives him a name and a possible address.

At Langley, a frustrated Quinn tells Carrie that Brody is their only and most valuable lead.  He has an idea that Carrie should somehow enable him.  She meets Brody at a clearing behind the Henning estate.  They talk for a brief moment until Brody gets upset, which she holds his hand and leads to a very long kiss.  Brody tells Carrie that he knows he is being used by her but continues to kiss her. He is very alarmed when he says that he “feels good” when he is around Carrie even if just for a short moment.  He stops and returns to the fundraiser.  Meanwhile Quinn and the FBI rush and raid the address given by Aileen of their suspect. Having found no one but an innocent man, Quinn calls Saul to tell them this.  Saul realizes he has been duped by Aileen but confused on what her angle was.  He has a sudden realization and rushes to her holding room seeing she has cut her neck with the reading glasses he gave earlier, resulting in her death.

The episode ends with Brody taking Dana to the police station to reveal her and Finn’s crime.  They are surprised to see Carrie waiting for them at the station (Estes called her to stop them from doing it).  Carrie tells Brody that he cannot go through with this because it will jeopardize his relationship with Nazir and Walden.  She also tells him that if he goes through with it, his deal with the CIA is completely off.  Dana comes over and questions what is going on and Brody tells her that they can’t reveal the secret just yet.  Dana storms off and Brody voices his frustrations with Carrie.

I still think there is a lot left to answer and I don’t think we have even begun to see what is really happening this season.  I don’t like that Carrie is using her sexual power to enable Brody.  This is going to lead down a dark road that nobody really wants to see. With a mental state like hers, she honestly can’t be trusted and I think it’s going to blow up in everyone’s face.  My questions from last week are pretty much the same except a couple have changed.  After Dana and Finn revealed their crime, my question now is will they break their silence to the police?  I still would like to know what is in the box from last episode, but I think that will be answered in time.  I honestly don’t know if I can trust Brody yet either.  He seems to be on a right track, but I still think he is hiding something which is my biggest question this season.  The last five episodes are primed to be some of the best episodes that TV will have to offer towards the end of this year.

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