Homeland, “I’ll Fly Away” Episode Recap

A lot happened this Sunday on Homeland and it was nothing short of suspense and thrill.  After last weeks episode I was a bit stressed on how the rest of the season would play out.  I did not expect any of what happened this episode.  Carrie gave me a bit of a scare this week but she definitely redeemed herself.  Brody is still the guy I thought he was and I think most people just lost any trust they were somewhat gaining for him.  There are only 4 episodes left and it’s safe to assume some real crazy stuff is going to unfold.

We pick up “I’ll Fly Away” at the Brody house with Dana still not home after running from the police station in anger.  Jessica is very upset with Brody not agreeing with his choice to hold off the police confession because of his “CIA involvement.” Jessica pleads and pleads and tells him to cut all his ties with the CIA, pushing Brody to explode “I CAN’T, I CAN’T, I CAN’T.”  This sends Jessica leaving yet again, and Brody to sulk in a corner of his house depressed and confused.  Meanwhile outside, Carrie sits in the surveillance van urgent to get Brody to his meeting with Hammad that he is already late for.

Brody finally gets up out of his gloomy stupor and attends his meeting with Hammad that does not go well at all.  Frustrated and stressed, Brody takes all of this out on Hammad getting very hostile with her and complaining about “always being left in the dark.”  She assures him that it will come in time, which sends Brody off the edge and he tells her that he is through with the whole thing.

Carrie again sees the state Brody is in and goes off the map (like she always does) and finds Brody and takes him to a hotel (classic Carrie).  After this it’s revealed that Dana is found and shows up at Mike’s house and spends the night there.  She then gets him to take her to the daughter of her hit-and-run victim which ends troubling. The daughter tells Dana not to go to the police because she was paid off and does not want to lose the money, which destroys Dana.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Brody is relieved to be with Carrie and says that he is also relieved he has burned all the bridges in his life.  Bridges with Abu Nazir, the CIA, and his family.  He also says he would rather be imprisoned so that he can stop lying to everybody. Carrie reassures him that if he keeps his deal with the CIA that he would be a “real hero” for taking down Abu Nazir, and anything in his past would not matter. This sparks the two to have sex, while Quinn, Saul, and the entire surveillance team hear the entire thing.  Quinn wants to abort the mission immediately saying that her love for Brody has again compromised her character. Saul reassures Quinn to wait it out that Carrie is just taking care of her troubled asset and getting him back on bored with the mission.

The next day, Brody calls Roya from the hotel. He tells her that he has been under a lot of pressure at home and that he is ready to make his commitment and that his outburst would never happen again. Later on on his way to the office, Brody is stopped by Hammad in the parking garage and she instructs him to drive.  With Virgil, Carrie, and the whole CIA watching the tail Brody and Hammad.  The two drive to a remote location in the woods where a man appears (the man from Gettysburg and Roya’s last meet), and Brody is taking forcefully out into a field.  Carrie is immediately afraid for the safety of her asset, demands that the team take them out immediately. Just as an order is about to be given out, a helicopter appears and takes the three into the sky, leaving everyone in disbelief and horror.

The episode ends with Brody being held in a warehouse in an unknown location. Frightened for his life, two men hold him while an unknown vehicle arrives.  Out steps Abu Nazir (beardless) and welcomes Brody, and the episode ends.

Not much can be said about this episode but wow. I didn’t see Nazir coming into the picture this intimately for 100 miles.  I’m anxious to see if Nazir’s influence on Brody will have an effect on his deal with the CIA or his loyalty for either side.  Honestly, I don’t trust Brody for a split second to think that he is playing Nazir.  There will be an imminent attack on the season finale of Homeland, I am calling it now.  If they can shock me like they did this past Sunday, then there’s no telling what will happen four episodes from now.

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