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HITCHCOCK Soundtrack Review

Here is our Hitchcock soundtrack review. Danny Elfman has some of the most recognizable musical scores, he scored The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Simpsons Theme song, Batman Returns, and Alice in Wonderland to name a few. He’s also known for working alongside Tim Burton on many of his films, making them quite the quirky duo! The score for Hitchcock is exactly what Danny Elfman is known for. It’s quirky, interesting, fun, and full of emotion. It definitely deserves to be up in his list of bests.

The soundtrack has moments of quirk and moments of gentle emotion.  The 3rd track, The Premiere, has a very Nightmare Before Christmas feel in the beginning, which actually works perfectly and then more into the track we get a more Alfred Hitchcock movie feel to it. You feel the quirk in it, especially when you see how awesome Anthony Hopkins is as Hitchcock in the film at this exact moment the score is used. The music completely fits. The 14th track, Telephone, has such a bit of a scary and tense vibe to it. It makes you feel nervous and anxious! That’s another lovely thing about Danny Elfman’s work, he can put in the quirk, but also make a score scary and tense.  Some of my other favorite tracks are The Censor, Mommy Dearest, and Theme from “Hitchcock”. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to really describe Elfman’s work, because his scores are always so out of the ordinary. There’s not one composer out there, who I think, can do what he has done. He takes a film and gives amazing life to it. That’s exactly what he did with this soundtrack. He gave it life, Hitchcock kind of life.


If you are a fan of Elfman’s work you NEED to own this soundtrack. I suggest seeing the film first, which I reviewed and you can find the review here, and then picking up the soundtrack and blasting it in your car while driving down some weird looking neighborhood or just blasting it in your car on your way home, works either way. I think he could get some awards buzz for this. It’s the best he has done in a while. If Alfred Hitchcock was alive today, Danny Elfman could very well be someone he’d constantly work with. He’d bring the right amount of scariness, quirk, shock and emotion to a Hitchcock film.

HITCHCOCK Tracklisting:

  1. Logos (0:49)
  2. Theme From “Hitchcock” (1:22)
  3. The Premiere (0:40)
  4. Paramount/Out the Gate (1:56)
  5. Mommy Dearest (0:58)
  6. In Bed (0:36)
  7. Impulses (1:29)
  8. The Censor (0:59)
  9. The Swim (2:03)
  10. Peeping (0:36)
  11. Sacrifices (1:16)
  12. Walk With Hitch (0:56)
  13. Celery (1:59)
  14. Telephone (1:08)
  15. Suspicion (2:30)
  16. Explosion (3:11)
  17. Selling Psycho (1:38)
  18. Fantasy Smashed (1:30)
  19. The Sand (1:22)
  20. It’s a Wrap (1:05)
  21. Busted (0:58)
  22. Saving the House (1:00)
  23. Finally (1:46)
  24. Home At Last (0:59)
  25. End Credit #1 (2:33)
  26. End Credit #2 (2:25)
  27. Funeral March For a Marionette (0:53)

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