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Every Painful Decision Examined in Walking Dead Ep.4 Stats Trailer

With Tell Tale Games’ epic The Walking Dead soon coming to what will be inevitably a very dramatic conclusion, the company have released a video comparing the decisions that players made during what has been the most exciting episode so far.  The fourth episode.  “Around Every Corner”, is set in Savannah while Lee and the group desperately look for sanctuary. Sadly, instead of sanctuary they find the disturbing community of Crawford and any means of escape ruined.

Similar to its television counter part, The Walking Dead  game explores the very worst scenarios of a zombie apocalypse- everything seems to go wrong and episode 4 is no exception. Hopes are dashed and the very final event of the episode reflects the tragic and truly hopeless situation that Lee and Clem are in. Despite being in essence a point and click adventure (with the odd FPS element) the decisions that have to made are emotionally and morally difficult, and sometimes down right unpleasant. In most cases you have to decide on the lesser of several evils.

The stats trailer contains major spoilers but also is nice overview of all the major events of episode 4 for those who haven’t had a chance to play it. Those who have will certainly be waiting eagerly for the next instalment which is due around Christmas time.

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