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DEXTER, “Do The Wrong Thing” Episode Recap

Well things are certainly starting to heat up on Dexter! The show starts by Dexter (Michael C. Hall) compiling evidence against Hannah (Yvonne Strahowvski) after hearing that her husband died at 40 of a heart attack, despite no family history and a perceived perfect bill of health. Upon digging deeper, he finds out that her mentor, and previous owner of the flower garden, died a year before due to heart disease. Coincidence? Dexter thinks not, but we’ll get back to that in a bit.

There is a good amount of Quinn (Desmond Harrington) in this episode as his connection with Nadia (Katia Winter) seems to be the way out forIssak (Ray Stevenson), who needs to get out of prison. After Quinn gives the money back thanks to a pep talk from Nadia, the mob decides to step their game up, and threaten to send Nadia to a foreign sex slave operation, where she will likely kill herself. As a result, Quinn makes his way to the evidence room, and takes out the key evidence linking Issak to the shooting deaths in the previous episode.

This will come back to bite Quinn in the ass, in multiple ways I think. You don’t want to mess with the mob, and considering they basically have control over Nadia, I’m not sure if they will ever be out of the clear. Plus, tampering with evidence is clearly a big no-no, and given that Quinn works with a room full of detectives, I think eventually someone will put the pieces together, and put the blame on him. Not the best move, but given the circumstances, not much he could have done.

The last piece of the puzzle for this episode involves Capt. LaGuerta (Lauren Valdez), who is once again trying to find a way to convince herself that the Bay Harbor Butcher is alive. She swung and missed on her previous attempts, thanks in large part to Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) hiding the only photo linking Dexter to a previous murder.  However, she is now onto the Season 5 killings of Ray Chase and his friends who Dexter helped murder.

When Deb confronts Dexter about this, he says everything is taken care of, even though we know that his former partner in crime, Lumen (Julia Styles), is still alive and could link these murders to Dexter at anytime. Could this be a potential return of Julia Styles? I liked her character so I’m hoping so! Going back to Deb, she also makes a step forward in her personal life, agreeing to go out with a new character, Sal (Santiago Cabrera).  Sal is a crime writer who wrote is doing research on a book about Hannah, saying that he thinks she is a murderer from her days with Wayne Randall.  Worse off, he catches Dexter in a lie. Earlier in the episode, Dexter “fudged” the blood work to cover Hannah, but Sal’s blood guy says that it’s clearly a smaller person who committed the murder, linking it to her. Now that Deb knows this, I’d expect her to press Dexter about Hannah, forcing a rift between the two of them.

Why would that put a rift between then? Well, at the end of the episode, Dexter takes Hannah to a Magical Snowland theme park that she always wanted to visit when she was with Randall. Of course, Dexter is there to kill her, having successfully linked her to the deaths of her former husband and her old mentor. He gets her with the needle, straps her to the table, and does his speech. The whole time, she doesn’t look scared, and when he takes her tape off, she says “Do what you have to do”.

Dexter takes his blade, stabs the table, and cuts her loose. What happens next isn’t for eyes under 18, but you can guess what happens. Now, everything has changed between the two, and it looks like they will be together, at least for the time being. I told a couple friends of mine after last week’s episode that I think Dexter and Hannah will end up being together for the long haul, and be killing partners in crime. This certainly doesn’t seal the deal, but it’s a step in that direction. This just adds another ball to the juggling act that Dexter is doing this season, and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

What did you think of the episode? Will Dexter and Hannah end up together? Who will catch Dexter in a lie first? Let us know what you think!

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