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DEXTER: “Argentina” and “Helter Skelter”Episode Recaps

Once again I apologize for the inconsistent timing of the recap and the double episode post. The Holiday week filled my schedule and I just watched “Helter Skelter” this morning. Boy, do we have alot to catch up on!

First, let’s look at “Argentina”. As the previous ended, we learned that Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) wanted Dexter (Michael C Hall) to kill Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski). However, Dexter refuses to do so, as he admits he has feelings for Hannah.  This twisted love triangle could get very interesting as the season goes on, as later in the episode, Deb confesses to Dexter that she had feelings for him. We’ll get back to that in a bit.

Issak (Ray Stevenson) is out of prison, but he has trouble shaking the cops who are constantly tailing him. After he is able to shake the cops with a decoy, Issac shows his desperation to kill Dexter by trying to shoot him down in broad daylight in a coffee shop.  He is unsuccessful, and Dexter realizes that Issac needs to be at the top of his list of priorities.

The rest of the episode serves it’s purpose, as it slowly moves the timeline along on several fronts. From Deb’s angle, she let’s Hannah know that she has her eye on her, and that she is looking for any reason to lock Hannah up for her previous murders.  Meanwhile, Quinn (Desmond Harrington) continues to be black mailed by the strip club.  Even after returning the bribe money, he is conned into helping them out with a drug move when he’s presented with an audio recording of him erasing the evidence against Issac. Lastly, LaGuerta (Lauren Valdez) continues her search for the Bay Harbor Butcher, and for the first time, Dexter’s name comes up for her.  At the end of the episode, she is shown standing on the Harbor, looking for Dexter’s boat. It seems like LaGuerta  is going without Deb, which definitely hurts Dexter.

One of the season’s biggest questions is answered at the end of the episode: Why does Issak care so much about Viktor’s death? Well, Dexter confronts Issak at a bar, but it’s not just any bar. It’s a gay bar. Yup, Issak and Viktor were lovers, a relationship they kept under wraps from the mob and brotherhood.  Now, we know why Issak will stop at nothing to kill Dexter, and it certainly looks like there will be no reasoning with him.

Now let’s move on to “Helter Skelter”.  This one features Issak heavily, as Dexter and him form an odd partnership.  The brotherhood has sent two of their best assassins to get Issak, forcing him to bring in Dexter for help. When Dexter refuses, he takes matters into his own hands, and kidnaps Hannah for leverage.  Dexter is forced to play along, and he spends the episode hunting down those who are hunting Issac.

Elsewhere, we have a new potential victim for Dexter, as a serial arsonist is keeping the police busy.  We will likely see a resolution to that before the season ends, but for now, let’s focus on what else is going on. Dexter and Deb continue to try to figure out Deb’s feeling towards Dexter, and because of that, LaGuerta is free to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher. She teams up with her former boss Tom Matthews( Geoff Pierson), who she got fired earlier in the show for an incident with a prostitute. He doesn’t help her at first, but eventually they strike a deal, meaning they could be coming after Dexter soon.

The episode revolves around Issak, Dexter, and Hannah. Dexter takes care of one of the assassins early, then leads the other to a boat where Issak can finish him off himself. While this is happening, Hannah is in the middle of trying to escape from Issak’s side kick Jurg. Eventually, she succeeds after a struggle, by killing Jurg, but not before she herself gets stabbed. Deb ends up finding her after a tip from Dexter, and despite her current hatred towards Hannah, calls in an ambulance to save her.

Back to Issak. He agrees to let Dexter live for his help, but as he is walking away, he is confronted by George, the strip club owner. He shoots Issak in the chest, before running away when Dexter arrives. Issak says it’s too late to save him, and he wishes to be thrown into the ocean where Viktor was. Dexter takes him out there, and dumps his body in, ending the conflict with Issak. While I’m sad that chapter is over, I did like that the two teamed up at the end, and in a weird twisted way, became friends.

We have three episodes left in the season! What’s going to happen with LaGuerta? Who is this new arsonist? Will Dexter and Hannah end up happily ever after? So many questions, and they will all be answered soon!



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