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This Chick’s Flicks: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

Dear Readers,

Today’s quickie recommendation—a type of post that I’m just going to call a “Quickie” from now on, because I love sexual innuendo and double entendres—features a movie that reaches a new zenith among chick flicks (at least those that I’m familiar with). Not only was it written and directed by women, but the cast is made up almost entirely of women too—no man speaks even one audible line of dialogue. It is, quite literally, a “chick flick.”

Any of you who vigilantly watch my Twitter feed and read everything I write for Screen Invasion solely because I wrote it (love you Mom!) can guess which film I’m talking about, because I’ve been writing about it for the past two days. But, for the rest of you (no worries…I guess we can still be friends), I’ll spell it out: I’m talking about That’s What She Said.

That’s What She Said (R, 84 mins.), directed by Carrie Preston and written by Kellie Overbey, stars Marcia De BonisAnne Heche, and Alia Shawkat as two friends who pick up an über-strange stranger and proceed to have a…unique…day in NYC.

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Like its fellow Sundance 2012 selections, Bachelorette and For a Good Time, Call…That’s What She Said takes a hard and hilarious look at the dynamics of female friendship. Not content to have one-dimensional characters that always get along and only speak to each other politely and using their inside voices, this film goes lady-balls to the wall. That’s What She Said explores deeper (and sometimes darker) themes, such as the fact that a girl’s romantic relationship is rarely a matter that stays between her and her man/lady, just how many versions of “the truth” there can be at any given time, problems ‘down there’, and the reality that sometimes what your bestie needs most is a good bitch-slap (figuratively speaking, of course).

That’s What She Said leaves its audience with a life lesson that women everywhere should be mindful of: You can only fight the battles of life and love on one front at a time, so don’t fight your girls…let them fight *with* you.

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That’s What She Said also excels in its use of social media to engage and connect with its intended audience, in order to get women into theaters. In addition to an Official Website and a Facebook page (updated frequently with raunchy picture posts), That’s What She Said took to Twitter to spread the word via high-volume tweeting by director Carrie Preston and the film’s official Twitter account (@TWSSmovie).

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Determined to use all the tools in its box, That’s What She Said has also sought to form more personal connections with its intended audience. Preston held a Twitter live-chat with fans last night, tweeting responses to questions about That’s What She Said, and her roles on True BloodThe Good Wife, and Person of Interest. Branching out to yet another social media platform, Preston, Overbey, and DeBonis will be doing a Google+ hangout to answer questions about That’s What She Said this Friday, October 19, at 3pm ET.

And, because we all love labels, That’s What She Said dreamt up one more method of personal engagement: the “TWSS Bestie” promotion. How does it work? It’s easy:

  • See That’s What She Said in theaters (or gather your girls for a night in and watch it on VOD),
  • Snap a pic at the theater (or in your home theater), and
  • Post it to:
  • Carrie Preston and Anne Heche will retweet it, making you an official TWSS Bestie!

Ultimately, what I’ve learned from That’s What She Said (and its peers, Bachelorette and For a Good Time, Call…) is simple: When it comes to making chick flicks, it’s time to acknowledge that girls do it best *for* girls.

Now do your best: round up your friends (because everything—well…most things—is more fun when you’ve got your girls by your side) and go see That’s What She Said ASAP.


That’s What She Said, produced by Daisy 3 Pictures and distributed by Phase 4 Films, will be playing in theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and available on VOD, beginning Friday, October 19.

[youtube id=”Pvif1IrV2MM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

For more information about That’s What She Said, check out the Official Website and Facebook page.



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