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Thirsty Thursdays: THE AVENGERS Drinking Game

Some nights, you just need to sit down with your favorite movie, a few friends, and some nice cold drinks. That’s why I’m excited to launch a new weekly feature – Thirsty Thursdays. Every week, just before the weekend, we’ll highlight one movie and its perfect drinking game and/or companion cocktail.

To kick off this feature, what better movie than one of the biggest from this year – The Avengers.

Print out this handy graphic with The Avengers drinking game rules from Drinking Cinema:

Sip whenever:

  1. You hear the word “tesseract.”
  2. Somebody’s ride gets trashed!
  3. There is a costume change (or implication thereof).
  4. Loki smiles that smug, manipulative smile.
  5. The bloated egos of the supers start getting in the way.
  6. Someone’s haunted past starts catching up with them.
  7. There is a subtle euphemism to the Hulk, a.k.a. the “big guy,” a.k.a. “the other guy.”

Want to party hard?

Chug when: 

  1. “Hulk, smash”
  2. When Loki uses his projection skills to trick people.
  3. Agent Coulson’s big moment. You’ll know what I’m talking about.
Take a shot when: Stan Lee makes his cameo.
The Avengers is available on Blu-Ray/DVD or Amazon Instant Video.



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