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THE WALKING DEAD Post-Mortem: “Walk With Me”

Greetings fellow zombie lovers and fans of Merle’s stabbing stump. This recap is going to be a bit different in structure this week as I had a pretty bad finger injury  at work this past week and typing has been rendered difficult. Don’t worry, I wasn’t bitten by a zombie…I promise…wait, why are you getting out all those blunt instruments?? …Where was I? Oh yeah, ending a cheesy and prolonged joke and beginning this post mortem of The Walking Dead: “Walk With Me”.

Know this: If they make a toy of the stabbing stump. I will buy it.

I’m going to hit up five points (Yes. I’m doing a ‘list review.’ It’s almost as bad as when a sitcom does a clip show episode), a mix of the most enjoyable and discussion worthy parts of the episode, and discuss them in brief below. Hopefully next week my finger will be healed up and I can do a longer recap.

5. The Governor

I might as well go ahead and address the elephant in the room first. This week featured the debut of a certain iconic character from the comics, The Governor. The governor is being played by British actor David Morrissey, who carries the heavy burden of having to balance pre-established fan expectations of the character with….pre-established fan expectations of the character.  Face it, even if you’re not a reader of the comic, chances are you’ve encountered someone who is, and once they found out you were a fan of the show they regaled you with tales of the dastardly governor, and how ‘OMG. Shit is going to hit the fan in season three’. Chances are you moved away from this person very quickly, fearing they were about to reach geek critical mass, all while smiling and nodding politely.  But guess what? Whether you liked it or not, some of their hype and knowledge of the character seeped into you as well. I think everyone has come into the show with fairly loaded expectations of the character. Morrissey (along with the writers) have done a good job of making the character function logically within live action parameters of the small screen.  This incarnation of the Governor has a two–faced political agenda (yippee for cultural relevance!!) , with hints of complexity and a sad back story.  However, the nuance is counterbalanced with the fact he has a zombie head aquarium room. I was very happy with the show’s interpretation and I’m looking forward to seeing The Governor in action in future episodes.

4.  A Rickless epsiode?

This is the first episode since the pilot that the action moved away from Rick and his motley crew for the entire hour. I think it worked for the most part; Andrea, Michonne, and The Governor’s stories were all compelling and I barely noticed Rick and company were gone. I should emphasis the barely; while I thoroughly enjoyed the break from the norm “Walk with Me” supplied I‘m also anxious to get back to the prison to see how interesting the prisoner storyline will continue to be now that they’ve settled in and eliminated the danger from zombies.

3. Michonne.

Michonne’s glare is just as dangerous as her sword.

There was sword play. Heads rolled. She gave everyone she encountered in Woodbury the skunk eye. She is smart. She is resourceful. And her shit is always together. I’m enjoying what Danai Gurira is bringing to this character thus far…but,  I have to admit. I’m always left hungry for more…which is probably for the best.

2. Production values.

Wow, so it appears AMC has stopped counting beans and doubled The Walking Dead’s budget. ( *SPOILERS *and probably forced Mad Men and Breaking Bad to start killing off characters, to allow for all the cash to flow Walking Dead’s way…. could it be? Were Lane Pryce and Mike Ehrmantraut both offered up as sacrifice to feed the ratings behemoth?) From a convincing helicopter crash, a beautiful slow motion Peckinpah-style shoot out, and even an entire fortified small town!!!  If there spending this kind of money on the third episode…can you imagine how crazy the finales are going to be??? No seriously, can you? I really want to know. Talk about it the comment section!

 1.  Respect your elders/horror movie recommendation

I saw something mentioned about this on twitter and cannot deny the truth: this episode owes a lot to the movie Day of Dead. All zombie movie/shows/comics owe a lot to Day of the dead and George Romero. As I said in my recap last week, he was the father of the modern zombie genre we all know and love and you should totally check out Day of Dead to have a better understanding of his influence on The Walking Dead. You’ll see where some of the inspiration for this season came from, and be excited about new things the writers are (hopefully) going to do with the material. Though,  It would be nice to see AMC and The Walking Dead acknowledge George Romero somewhere in the credits this season.

Day of the Dead (1985)

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