The Small Screen Podcast Episode 41: Preempted by Life… and Baseball

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After a brief hiatus, Kristal (@kristal_bailey) and Marcos (@poppas2cents) are back to talk about various TV new items involving ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot, renewals and full season pick-ups, which new shows are their favorites and which ones have been disappointments, and as always what they’ve been watching. Check out the episode breakdown to avoid any possible spoilers.

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Intros: Start – 1:15

TV News: 1:16 – 23:23
S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot developments: 1:16 – 6:54
Renewals and Full-Season Orders (emphasis on Homeland, Arrow, Bob’s Burgers, and Elementary): 6:55 – 16:38
Up All Night’s format change: 16:39 – 23:23

What We’re Watching: 23:24 – 1:00:55
The Walking Dead: 23:24 – 33:03 [Don’t miss our latest recap]
Mockingbird Lane: 33:04 – 40:15
Supernatural: 40:16 – 48:30
Parks & Recreation: 48:31 – 1:00:55 [Check out our weekly recap for more details]

Favorite New Shows: 1:00:56 – 1:07:10
Ben and Kate: 1:00:56 – 1:04:22
Go On: 1:04:23 – 1:07:10

Most Disappointing New Shows: 1:07:11 – 1:18:26
Nashville: 1:07:11 – 1:14:24 [Listen to Kristal’s favorite track from the show so far.]
Revolution: 1:14:25 – 1:18:26

Closing: 1:18:27 – End

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The Author

Kristal Bailey

Kristal Bailey

With a soft spot for movies that fall into the “So Bad They’re Good” category, Kristal Bailey regularly watches B-movies, 80s comedies, and sci-fi from the 50s and 60s. She also refuses to grow up if that means she has to hide her love for Disney and Pixar films.

In her free time, she enjoys reading graphic novels or books that are soon to be turned into movies, watching hours and hours of television, and spending way too much time on Twitter.