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SONS OF ANARCHY “Toad’s Wild Ride” – Unforgiveable Acts (Spoilers)

At the outset of Sons of Anarchy, “Toad’s Wild Ride” I assumed Toad referred to Joel McHale‘s character.  Oh, if only that was the case.  I’m certain Kurt Sutter is trying to break my heart.  With that opening, I implore you, if you have not seen this episode yet and you are able to see it before October 30, please do so before reading this recap.  So much happened in this episode, but it was over before I knew it.  Let’s dig in.

We pick up where we left off last week as Clay tells the Nomads about the skin under Rita’s fingernails and they try to figure a way out.  Clay says what we have all known; the break-ins were supposed to put pressure on Jax, and tells the Nomads to get out of town. In the midst of all of this going down, Wayne has a late night visit from Jax and Bobby (he sold his land and is working security at the Unser Trucking),  because Eli told Jax to talk to Wayne about the home invasions.  Unser shows the two men his suspect board, and it is evident that he has been conducting his own investigation.  He understands that the whole thing with Roosevelt was an accident and that the invasions were a warning, not robberies.  Wayne tells them to look at the right people, pointing Jax and Bobby toward the Nomads.

Jax tells Unser to go by the Nomads’ place to feel them out.  It’s a dangerous thing to ask, no better than what Gemma and Clay did to him, Unser will never get out from under the club’s thumb.  Jax is even more suspicious of the Nomads once Frankie Diamonds tells him he’s leaving town for a while.  Jax tells Frankie to stay in touch in case the Nomad crew is needed to deal with the home invasions, putting up another red flag for the traitorous club member.  Wayne gets the cold shoulder from the Nomads, mentions the scratches on Nomad’s neck, cluing them in to his suspicions.  Clay tells the Nomads to kill Wayne since he and Jax both know about the scratches and who is responsible.

Gemma finds herself with her own strange bedfellow in Joel McHale.  Her new lifestyle is wearing on her and as she retires to the bathroom to breakdown, her new friend absconds with her SUV and wallet.  She has to call someone to help her and chooses Nero.  Unfortunately, Nero shares the information with Jax.  Much to Gemma’s dismay, Jax, Nero, Tig, Chibs and Bobby show up to find out what went on.  Gemma has to admit she doesn’t remember the guy’s name.  Jax is disgusted with her.  Nero tells Jax that he needs still to respect his mother and that not having family there will just make it worse.  Nero’s guys find McHale and the SUV, after he tries to sell the vehicle to an Armenian chop shop.  The guys chase him down and leave him on the side of the road since it’s the middle of the day and there are too many witnesses to do much more than get Gemma’s stuff back.  Though it’s an interesting cameo, McHale doesn’t really fit and the fight scene is not all that believable.  I guess they can’t chance messing up that pretty face.  The final message to the thief comes from Nero in the from of a serious ass-kicking that he seems to do for Gemma, not the club.

Clay catches Tara doing research on Otto at the clubhouse.  Clay and Tara talk and she tells him to her he’s already dead to her, and that he needs to stay away from her and the family.  Juice overhears the discussion and begins to get a little suspicious of Clay.  Tara finds out that Gemma is the best person to get information about LuAnn from so she has leverage to use at her next meeting with Otto.  She doesn’t let the older woman know her intentions and Gemma tells her to get the deceased woman’s perfume.  Jax gives Gemma a little love, softens his touch a bit.  They have a mother son heart to heart and resolve some issues, definitely a very temporary situation.

Greg the Peg reports Unser’s visit and Clay tells the men to meet him at Unser’s airstream.  Clay has Juice drop him at Unser’s but doesn’t tell him what’s going on.  It seems that Wayne is finally going to pay for challenging Clay.  The latter man leaves his gun on the table to put his host at ease.  Wayne doesn’t trust him, but doesn’t know what’s coming.  Juice doesn’t trust Clay either, realizing something is up and he may have been playing for the wrong side this whole time.  Clay sets up the Nomads to go down without taking himself out, trying to convince Unser he isn’t the brains.  Frankie Diamonds isn’t part of the crew that goes to Unser’s place.  Wayne still covers for Clay and keeps him out of the investigation.  Juice is starting to figure things out while the club works to find Frankie in order to get to the truth about what happened.  Juice confronts Clay about the Nomads but doesn’t get the answer he’s looking for.  Jax catches Clay without his oxygen, sees that he’s not doing quite as bad as he makes out.  Jax calls Clay out, but the older man tries his silver tongue on the young leader again.  Clay claims it’s all Pope, Jax suggests finding Frankie to get the real story.

Gemma goes to check on Unser, Frankie is there watching what is going, but takes off before anyone notices him.  Wayne apologizes to Gemma for their previous argument.  Just when I thought he’d come to his senses he goes covering for Clay and falling right back in love with Gemma.  The poor guy will never learn and apparently never die.

Jax and Tara going to the cabin boggles my mind with everything that is going on, especially with the fact that they are willing to leave the kids behind.  It all seems like such a very bad idea.  Then to let Gemma take care of them seems like an even worse idea.  Tara doesn’t seem 100% on it either and she really should have paid more attention to her gut.  Tig goes with Tara on her trip to the cabin as her guard while they wait for Jax.  Jax and Chibs are attacked on their way by two men in a van, one of whom is a Niner, lending some validity to Clay’s claims.   Both men make it through the attack and take down one of the attackers.  Gemma picks the boys up while she’s drunk and drives off the road, right into a tree.  Abel is injured and the baby is crying and we find out exactly where the title of the episode came from.

I’m not sure if I can keep watching if Gemma killed Abel.  That was such a horrendous ending to the episode and I find myself dreading next week, actually really nervous to watch it.  I’m at a loss to give much thought to anything else that happened on the show tonight to be completely honest.

Do you think Jax will ever be able to forgive Gemma for what happened or is this it for their relationship?

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