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SONS OF ANARCHY “Stolen Huffy” Recap – Gemma Too

 Sons of Anarchy, “Stolen Huffy” throws a huge wrench in to Gemma’s attempt to move forward and away from Clay while Jax pulls Nero closer and Wendy pushes forward with her attempts to see Abel.

At the opening of “Stolen Huffy” we find Gemma and the girls from Nero’s place still in lock-up.  Gemma makes bail by Wendy, telling her she was the only person she could turn to.  She also tells Wendy that if she wants to see Abel, the person she needs to convince is Jax, not Tara.  The other girls from Nero’s place are putting everything that happened on Gemma, suggesting that it must have been either Clay or Emma Jean that tipped off the cops.

Jax calls everyone to the table and tells them about Opie.  Clay and Jax are seated at opposite ends of the table, the suggestion in this seating arrangement which pits the two men against one another, almost like a demon and an angel is evident.  Contrary to the wishes of everyone in the room, Jax calls for no retaliation and warns everyone about Pope.  He explains that the club has to buy time in order to be able to take back control.  After Jax’s explanation, the vote to pay Pope passes.  The home invasions are still not a main focus, but are on Jax’s radar.  He makes a passing comment with reference to figuring out who is behind them.  When Jax meets with Lyla he lets her know that the club is there for her and the kids.  No doubt thinking of Opie’s comment regarding how she isn’t fit to raise three kids.

Unser shows up at the club to find out what happened with Gemma, letting Jax know that she was arrested.  This is how Wayne learns about Nero and seems confused as well as disconcerted.   Nero is evicted due to all the trouble that has been caused and has to figure out somewhere else to house his business.  Gemma has to tell Jax about Clay’s appearance at the brothel, the possibility that Emma Jean went to vice is brought up.  Jax offers his help to Nero and seems disgusted with Gemma’s involvement.  Nero asks Jax and Chibs to get Emma Jean out of town before his crew finds her and kills her.  He shows a soft side once again, making him more the anti-Clay ad someone we are more than happy to root for.  Nero’s crew shows up just in time to see Jax and Emma Jean taking off from the motel where she is found and give chase.  Emma Jean and Jax go down when her foot slips and trips up the bike, allowing the pursuers to catch up.  Jax convinces them he will take the girl out, and they agree but want a thumb and a tit to prove she is dead.  When it is revealed that the other crew members showed up where Emma Jean was it becomes evident to Nero that his second in command at the whorehouse went against him, but she swears it was to save him.  She has it out for Gemma something awful.

A funny thing happened as I was writing my notes for this article, I found myself writing Gemma when I meant Tara on several different occasions, just as Wendy did in the last episode and Sutter not so subtly suggested at the end of Season Four.  This similarity seems especially prevalent when Tara is dealing with Wendy, who shows up to talk to Tara yet again.  God knows why Tara hasn’t told security to keep her away by now.  Wendy appeals to Tara’s sensibilities regarding what will happen when Abel gets older and tries to find her, but Tara isn’t budging.  Biological or not, you don’t get between a momma bear and her cub, Wendy needs to realize this.  When Tara tells Jax about the visit he makes it clear that he doesn’t want Wendy anywhere near Abel.

Clay seems to be doing better, Gemma finds him working out with the Nomads.  There is no shortage of conspiratory glances these days between the Nomads and their friend Clay.  Once everyone excuses themselves, Gemma tells Clay to stop checking up on her and to get on with his own life.  Since she was out of the loop when the boys were getting out she doesn’t know about Opie yet.  Unfortunately the news is delivered by Clay and we see a rare side of Gemma as she falls apart, clinging momentarily to Clay and then breaking down behind closed doors.  Jax uncharacteristically tells Gemma to eff off,  that he doesn’t have time for her drama in the midst of everything going on.  Emma Jean lets Gemma know she didn’t do anything with Clay, he set her up to think something went on and that she is not responsible for the cops finding out about Nero.

Jax brings Nero in at the clubhouse to talk to him about his business.  He offers Nero the girls from Cara Cara for the “porn star experience”.  Wants a fifty-fifty business deal but there are conditions to the deal.  Really only one condition; Nero has to stop seeing Gemma.   Jax says he wants to start moving the club away from what is killing them and all Nero wants in the end is  to buy a farm for his kid.  Both men just wanting what is best for their “family”.  Speaking of  family, Gemma pulls Tara in to her beef with Nero’s Girl Friday by telling Tara the woman almost killed Jax.  Both women lay into the head whore, but ultimately Gemma stands back and watches Tara lose it, beating the shit out of Gemma’s rival.  Nero’s right hand has it out for Gemma big time now, and she’s not the only one with a target on her head after dragging Tara into the fray.

Gemma loves watching Tara lose it and seems to be working hard to set her up for her own selfish end.  Jax is pulling away and the momma bear analogy goes for Gemma and Jax as well, maybe more than anyone, but Tara just isn’t seeing it.  Gemma is falling apart and losing everyone around her, as she loses Nero her resolve to keep Jax by her side will only grow.  Unser hasn’t been as prevalent, but I have to wonder where this revelation regarding Nero will lead.  Will he team up with Clay to take him out just to ensure Gemma doesn’t end up with the other man?

The show closes with Opie’s wake, a sad tribute to the man who laid down his life for his best friend.

What do you think will be Clay’s next move?  Discuss in the comments.

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