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SONS OF ANARCHY “Small World” – Secrets Upon Secrets

Sons of Anarchy, “Small World” finds Jax getting in deeper with Pope, Roosevelt losing something precious to him, Tara risking everything for the club, Gemma and Nero on the business end of a gun and Clay is fooling everyone. 

I don’t know if any episode this season will let up on the intensity and let us come up for air, but I hope not.  So far Tig has watched his daughter burned alive and is now in Jax’s pocket, Jax saw his best friend bludgeoned to death with a pipe and has gotten in bed with Pope, Gemma has beaten up a hooker and been arrested, Tara has beaten up a hooker and gotten away with it, Clay lost his position at the head of the table and is orchestrating attacks on his own people and we aren’t even half way through Season Five!

Our attention turns this week to the home invasions after last week’s shooting of Rita by the Nomad home invasion crew.  Jax meets with Pope to work with the man find out who is orchestrating the home invasions.   Pope agrees to dig more into the break ins and suggests he can help with the trafficking business, offering to pay the club an extra $100 thousand dollars if they double their haul.  Jax seems to think this is a good idea and doesn’t realize if he gets in too deep, there is no way back out.  He takes the information to the club and puts it to a vote.  It passes, but barely, the club is split almost down the middle between Jax and Clay, but since Tig is in Jax’s pocket he can’t do anything other than side with the younger leader.

Sheriff Roosevelt’s sights are set on the Sons, knowing they are somehow connected to his wife’s shooting.  Unser goes to the hospital and meets with the sheriff, seemingly bonding with the fellow civil servant.  Eli shares that Rita managed to ensure that she got some of her attacker’s DNA during the attack.  Sheriff Roosevelt tells Unser he is sure the club is involved and Unser agrees.  When the men are about to delve further into this subject, Eli is called away because Rita has lost her fight.  The resolve digs into his belly in that moment, he is bent on taking down whoever took his wife from him; this is what will turn him to the dark side.

Clay is at the hospital as well, the doctor says he is healing well.  Once he leaves his appointment, notably more hunched and broken looking than moments before, he lies to Juice about his progress.  Clay sees Unser and stops to talk with him.  The two men have a not so friendly chat about the home invasions, Wayne letting Clay know he is on their trail.  Wayne goes a step further to tell Clay about the DNA that Roosevelt is having analyzed.  The challenge is laid out between the two men and Wayne is playing with fire again, challenging Clay to his own possible detriment.

Carla appears at Gemma’s house with a gun and forces Gemma in to her bedroom.  She looks to be attempting to set her up some how at first and she calls someone to come to the house, it turns out to be Nero.  Carla forces Gemma and Nero to strip naked and get in bed together, then tries to force Gemma to perform oral sex on Nero while she watches.  When he refuses she tells him she “just wanted to go out watching (him) do (his) thing”, whereupon she shoots herself in the head.  This gives way to the revelation that Carla is Nero’s half sister who was also in love with him and his relationship with Gemma pushed her over the edge.  After calling Wayne to help her take care of the body but getting no answer, Gemma has to turn to Clay to help.  Unser previously saw Nero rushing in to Gemma’s house and not knowing the situation is disgusted with her.  Clay worms his way back in to the house and is trying to creep back in to Gemma’s life by “being there” for her.

When Jax and Bobby meet again with Pope he gives Jax a special surprise.  It is the information for the man that sentenced Opie to death in prison, the guard that decided his fate.  Jax, Bobby, Tig and Chibs go to the house to take him down.  The man’s wife appears with a shotgun and takes a chunk out of Tig’s neck, which I assume will possibly be used against him later.  Tig loses it and shoots the woman without being told to do so.  Jax calls it collateral damage, Bobby and Chibs are taken aback by the action.  Jax then turns his attentions to the guard, making him beg for a life he has already lost.  In a savage and eerie scene Jax bashes the man’s head in with a snow globe, but makes sure to wind it up first to play it’s music box melody while the beating takes place.  Sutter knows just how to twist a scene to make it really get under your skin.  After this show of support for Jax, he takes the club’s decision back to Pope and tells him the deal is a go.  Pope tells Jax he really shouldn’t trust anyone; “fear is protection but greed is insurance”.  He is grooming Jax to be a long time partner, lackey or something along those lines.  Whatever he considers him, he intends to keep Jax around for longer than Jax intends to be around.

Tara takes a job working at the infirmary at the hospital in order to get to Otto.  She tries to tell him that Bobby was telling him the truth about things and implores him to listen to her.  Tara lets him know that the feds are attempting to take down SAMCRO and that the club will go down if he doesn’t rescind his testimony.  She assures him that the club will do whatever he needs, give him whatever he wants and take care of him.  When Otto tells her to get on her knees as part of “whatever he wants”, she tells him “I’m not gonna do that.”, to which he responds, “me either”.  Otto tells her that she shouldn’t come back, warning her that it might lead him to do something horrible.  I’m surprised the club put Tara in such a position, but am even more surprised that she hides the meeting from everyone, including Jax, insinuating she has every intention of trying again.

The episode rounds out with the ex-chief and the new sheriff holding their own.  Unser confronts Gemma about Nero and where he really stands.  He finally realizes how much she has used him and is tired of it.  He lets her know he’s not the only one who is wise to it either, that Jax and Tara will never let her worm her way back in to their lives either.  Roosevelt goes after Chibs, Bobby and Jax on their bikes and runs Bobby off the road in his grief-stricken rage.  He attacks the men and tells Jax he is taking down SAMCRO.  Jax appeals to him to help them find out who killed his wife and who is attacking the Sons affiliates.  He also lets the sheriff know that he is giving him a pass on this attack, but not to let it happen again.

Everyone is hiding something major, Jax is hiding Pope and the new deal, as well as the murder of the guard from Tara, Tara is hiding her meeting with Otto from everyone, Gemma is hiding the death of Carla and her reunion with Nero from Jax and Tara and Clay is hiding his agenda as well as his recovery from everyone except the Nomads.  This is a recipe for an explosive continuation to the season, Sutter and the crew aren’t letting up any time soon.

I don’t even know what to think of the addition of Joel McHale to the end of this episode, but I loved the depraved mommy love banter that he and Katey Sagal shared.  Can’t wait to see where that goes.

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