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SONS OF ANARCHY “Orca Shrugged” Episode Recap – The Belle Who Does Not Tell

Sons of Anarchy, “Orca Shrugged”, brought it once again.  Jax makes a new deal with an old enemy to ensure the success of his new endeavor with Nero, Gemma clings to Jax but isn’t bringing him any closer and Clay mistakenly  heightens the stakes of the war already brewing.  Not to mention this episode brings us the best cameo ever.

At the opening of “Orca Shrugged” Jax meets with Mayor Hale who immediately alludes to those pesky home invasions and SAMCRO’s possible involvement.  The Sons are there to talk business though and need the mayor’s assistance to help with their latest venture of turning Cara Cara into an escort service.  The men suggest they can help him revive the dying Charming Heights development, but don’t mention how, only saying they can get a hold out vote for him.

Finally, finally, finally the deal goes down between the Irish and the Cartel/CIA.  The Irish are very suspicious of Jax and Clay’s shifting positions.  Jax confronts them about this and the leader of the Irish punch it out old school.  After the impromptu boxing match, the Irishman suggests testing the guns and uses SAMCRO’s bikes as target practice. Jax promises to send him the bill.  And just like that, the first exchange goes down and the wheels are put in motion.  I’m relieved to move this storyline along, it was starting to stall a little and get more than a little aggravating, but we have been rewarded with at least a bite of the carrot.

When Gemma goes to visit Nero he is cold and standoffish, putting her off.  She admits to setting Tara up and instigating the fight, making sure not to get her hands dirty.  Nero tells her that she needs to talk to Jax about the issues between the two of them and she is terribly upset that he got involved with the club.  He lets her know it’s for his kid’s future and she can’t compete with that.  Later when Gemma confronts Jax about Nero he tries to blow her off, but she won’t let him this time.  Jax acknowledges that he partially blames her for JT’s death and that he just isn’t ready to trust her, he also isn’t budging on the deal he made with Nero.

Jax and the other Sons visit the gentleman who is holding out on the Charming Heights deal, and drug him so that he passes out cold.  They put him in a very compromising position with one of Nero’s “girls”, Venus, played by none other than Walton Goggins with a very ample, very convincing bosom.  The gentleman that they are blackmailing ends up dressed in bondage gear with a cat-suited Venus playing out various scenarios on his person as Juice takes incriminating photos.  Tig is intrigued and freaked out, but ultimately seems way too into what’s going on.  Tig is just so sick…and that’s why I love him.  When the city council member’s step-son shows up, the men have to find a way to keep him quiet as well.  Once they all convince him their is no shame in a little she-male love, he joins Venus in the back with some compromising photos of his own being taken. On her way out, Venus lets Tig know she is “the belle who does not tell”, in case he ever wants to get in touch with her again.  Just as they are wrapping everything up the council member wakes up and bites a chunk out of poor Tig’s ass.  The Walton Goggins cameo is one of the most shocking, hilarious and fantastic things I have ever seen.  He is, by far one of my favorite actors and to see him so far outside of any other role I’ve admired him in was a real treat.  Brava to all involved in that scheme.

Jax shares what they have collected with Mayor Hale who tries to say he wants to take the moral high ground but in the end, he takes the club’s help and gives them the building they need for the new Cara Cara.  Jax positions himself exactly where he needs to be to take control of Charming once again, even suggesting he can get him a new developer for Charming Heights.

Tara finds out she is making a better recovery than expected and that she may be able to work again.  She talks her success down to Jax and still has issues when recruited to sew up Tig’s unfortunate bite marks. Chibs takes over and to hilarious effect he has to pause to put his reading glasses on in order to sew Tig’s bootay.   These little moments, the orchestration of them and the detail that it brings to the scenes and the characters are what make SOA moments hit so perfectly.  Its hard to tell if Tara is being held back by physical issues, emotional issues or if she is putting on a show so no one knows she might be getting back to surgery some day soon.  Either way she doesn’t seem to have the confidence she needs to move forward in her recovery and as we saw last week she is emotionally unstable at best.  Tara does allow Gemma to come to the house and feed the baby later in the evening when grandma makes a delivery to Jax.  Gemma knows she can’t get back in with Jax right now and is weaseling her way back in to Tara’s life instead.  No one opens the box she brings to the house, which is better for everyone as it houses the thumb and tit required to get the club off the hook for not killing Emma Jean.

The episode does end on a much more somber note with yet another home invasion, this time at Sheriff Roosevelt’s house.  His wife is home and hears the invaders, grabs a gun and calls 911.  The intruders break down her bedroom door and attempt to disarm her only to accidentally shoot the woman, who we learned earlier in the episode is pregnant, in the stomach.  As his wife is rushed to surgery, Sheriff Roosevelt makes sure that he gets skin samples from under her fingernails as she was smart enough to scratch one of her attackers.  We don’t know a whole lot about Sheriff Roosevelt, but one thing we do know is that he and his wife have obviously had issues having children.  The fact that this child, and possibly any attempt at ever having children has been ripped away from them is enough to break Roosevelt and turn him from good cop to bad cop real quick.  Closing with clips from next week showing the sheriff blaming the club for his wife’s demise and a sit down between Pope and Roosevelt confirms this.

Someone’s going down, who do you think it will be next?

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