Screen Invasion’s Pop Culture Halloween Cosplay

The Screen Invasion team is a pop culture obsessed group. That’s at least a part of why we do what we do – obsess over movies, television, video games, music and then write about it all. We love it so of course on the one day a year we can dress up as anything we want, we often choose something that aligns with our passion. Check out some of our favorite Halloween costumes from our writers, and maybe you’ll be inspired by them this year. Feel free to post your popculture costumes on our Facebook page and we’ll keep updating this post until all Hallow’s eve.

South Park’s Cartman



Young Pete & The Strongest Man in the World Artie



High School Musical’s Zefron & Corbin Bleu


The Joker

The Sandlot’s Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and Scotty Smalls



Zombie Huntress

Adventure Time‘s Finn & Jake

Charlie Chaplin


David Hasselhoff from Knight Rider

America’s Best Dance Crew’s Jabbawockeez

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Kristal Bailey

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