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Scene Invasion: My Fun Time at the AMERICAN HORROR STORY Blu-Ray Event

To celebrate the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Season One of FX’s hit show, a select few American Horror Story fans in Hollywood (myself included!) were treated to a spooky good time in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Tuesday evening.
To start off the night, we were given a quick tour of the cemetery itself, and then our bus headed off to the actual house used in the filming of the show. No murderous stories have taken place at the American Horror Story house as far as we know, but it is a creepy site nonetheless, though also quite beautiful. The house definitely feels appropriately out-of-place on its street—like a structure from a bygone era, though it is hard to place which one. The producers and location managers of the show chose well! Looking at the house at night, especially after visiting a cemetery in October, was delightfully unsettling.

Also unsettling is how terrible my cell phone camera is.

Once we returned from our tour, we were treated to a Q&A with magician and paranormal writer Tom Ogden, and psychic medium Lisa Williams.  What one got out of the these Q&As definitely depended on how much one believes in these so-called ghost and spirit “experts,” but there is no doubt helped set the mood.  Afterwards we were then treated to a preview of the new season and a screening of the Season One pilot.
Also, there were fun “bloody” concoctions to drink at the reception, which was a nice touch.  And there was a silent actor portraying the “rubber man” the entire night, though I failed to get his picture.  Who knows…maybe he wasn’t an actor at all!


Be sure to tip the servers, or you may wind up in one of the drinks YOURSELF!

Season One of American Horror Story is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD, and Season Two will begin on Wednesday, October 17th.  Check back here for my recaps when the time comes!

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