Meet The Munsters: MOCKINGBIRD LANE to air on 10/26 on NBC

Fans of Bryan Fuller and Pushing Daisies were eagerly anticipating his new show Mockingbird Lane. Serving as a modern update, with a darker, supposedly more realistic touch, of the cult classic television show The Munsters. However, after seeing the pilot, NBC opted to not pick up the first 13 episode option to bring it series. Instead, it will air as a one-off TV movie on October 26, at 8pm.

The original Munsters featured a Frankenstein-like Dad, Mortia Adams-like Mom, Werewolf son, Marilyn Monroe-like daughter, and a Dracula-like grampa. It was a hodgepodge of horror creatures in hokey settings and situations. I remember watching the show on TV Land and absolutely loving the cheesy classic. When it was first announced that Bryan Fuller would be bringing this story in to the modern age, I was a bit skeptical because it just doesn’t seem like a viable subject for today’s TV environment.

However, anyone who watched the short-lived series Pushing Daisies, knows Bryan Fuller can handle quirky, highly stylized television with a touch of morbid humor. We’ll never know what could have been for the show Mockingbird Lane, but we can see how the pilot turned out when they air it as a TV movie. Watch the trailer here:

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If you watch it on October 26, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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