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Meet an Invader: Brad McHargue, Film Critic

When a site you love closes up shop, it’s always sad and a little disheartening. I got my start in film writing by contributing to Gordon and the Whale, but when it closed down permanently it left a number writers homeless, so to speak. Luckily, Brad McHargue decided to move over to this little space of the web and we’re so glad to have him!
Learn more about Brad:
1. What drew you to the Screen Invasion team, over other bigger and older entertainment websites? 

After a site I was an editor for collapsed, an offer to contribute reviews to Screen Invasion was extended by Kristal, and since I love writing reviews and needed an outlet for my non-horror endeavors, Screen Invasion seemed like a perfect opportunity. Its wonderfully accommodating staff and eclectic mix of content and incredible writers made the decision an easy choice.

2. Briefly describe what you write about for the site for our readers- movies, music, news, reviews, your regular feature etc. 

I’m a film reviewer. I’ve been reviewing films for about four years now, and it’s something I like to think I’ve become quite good at. Since Screen Invasion allows me to review non-horror films, which up until this point has been my focus, it allows me to expand and hone my skills as a reviewer.

3. What’s one pop culture goal you want to accomplish before the world ends? (Mayan calendar predicts the apocalypse will be 12/21/2012)

Make a horror movie. I’ve written two, and have slowly begun to chip away at another.

4. What’s your desert island movie and why?

Pontypool. Contrary to what others think, it really is one of the best horror films ever made. It’s one of the most original and engaging films I have ever seen, and despite seeing it close to 100 times, I’m constantly finding new ways to interpret it.

5. What’s your background in writing?

I received my Master’s in Classics in 2008, and a month before I ended the Hell that is higher education for good I started a small horror blog. It proved to be the impetus for my writing career, which spans numerous websites (I’m a nomad). Up until this point my writing experience was primarily academic, something I hope to channel in future pieces when I have the time to actually sit at a library and research for hours on end.

6. What’s your guilty pleasure flick?
You’ve Got Mail. I fuckin’ LOVE that movie.
7. When you aren’t writing and watching movies/playing games/listening to music – what do you do for fun?
That’s pretty much all I do for fun. Well, that and self destruction.
8. If you could have dinner with 3 fictional characters – who would it be and why? What would you want to talk about?  

God, the Devil, and Garfield. We’d mostly talk about sports.
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