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KEY & PEELE Highlights: Obama Translator, Ice-T Puppy, and Tim Cook

Key & Peele’s strength has always been with Luthor and the “Obama Translator” so it’s no surprise that they’re busting it out nearly every episode. And yet, I still enjoy it! Watch the latest edition with Luthor and Obama responding to the news saying he lost the debate because he didn’t have enough “zingers”.

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They also delved in to the absurd with the rescue dog that resembles Ice-T sketch. They’ve done something similar to this before, with Baby Forrest Whittaker, which I thought was handled better and was consistently funny. This one just didn’t hit all the right notes.

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My favorite sketch was the last sketch about the Apple event opening speech from Tim Cook was hilarious. Of course I’m familiar with those events – I’m sitting here on my brand new Macbook Air surrounded by my other Apple products – so to see K&P’s ridiculous takedown of the hype machine that is that event.



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