Interview: Amber Benson, Star of DUST UP

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a brief interview with the lovely Amber Benson, whom many of you know from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She currently stars in the film Dust Up, directed by Ward Roberts. We talked about Dust Up, Buffy and some cool new things she is currently up too. Also, check out my post from Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, where I got to meet her.


What drew you to this role in Dust Up?

The script made me laugh out loud,  That’s usually a good indicator, to me, that this will be a project I want to be involved in. Plus, I loved Ella.  I thought she was kind of the calm in the eye of the storm, everything whirling around her, out of control, and she has to keep the movie anchored in reality.  As much as one can do in a film like Dust Up.

What’s the film about? (for those who haven’t seen it)

IT’s a neo-grindhouse-western. It’s a very special genre of film where anything is possible, including cannibalism, masturbatory murder, and an unconscious homage to the Village People.
But seriously…Dust Up is about a man trying to make peace with his past, a woman trying to protect her child and a whole lot of drugs!
How was it like working with Ward Roberts? 
Ward is an awesome director, but more importantly, he is a truly lovely and kind-hearted human being (and an amazing dad!!). He has vision and the tenacity to get what he sees in his mind, down on celluloid (or in this case, a Canon 7D video card). So long as you keep him away from ponies, everything is hunky dory and solid gold..but show a pony to Ward or Ward to a pony and all bets are off.
What’s your thought process while looking for a role?
If a script makes me laugh out loud then I am usually in. As far as a good role…hmm…I long strong, flawed women. Show me a lady with balls and I’m down. Or show me a nasty ass villain and I’m sold.
 So many know you from Buffy, do people call you Tara at all?
I get Tara a lot. Sometimes Dorothy, but that’s a whole other story. Usually someone will call me Tara by accident when they first meet me and then they’ll be horribly embarrassed for a long time after that. Sometimes they give me things to assuage their embarrassment…like books or cupcakes. That always works.
What’s your favorite moment from the series? Episode?
Oh, the musical is by far my favorite episode.  Hands down, making that was the pinnacle, the paradigm, the panoply of my time at Buffy.
Will we be seeing you in any more TV show roles?
I’m working on a pilot that I wrote about my life.  It was inspired by Louis CK and his amazing TV show. We’ll see what happens…
Anything you have coming up that we should look out for?
My urban fantasy novel The Golden Age Of Death comes out in march 2013 and I have a new series of books that I just started working on called Echo Park Occult.  It’s about sex and witches!!  Not in that order.
Here’s a picture of myself and Amber at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo from September:

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