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HOMELAND So Far (Spoilers)

If you haven’t attempted at somehow catching the first season of Homeland then you have some serious soul searching to do.  After stealing the show at this years Emmy awards, Homeland is back and better than ever.  Brilliantly acted and flawlessly put together this is arguably the best show on TV.  I was most excited to see how the second season would unfold and it did nothing less than amaze me.

With that we have a little catching up to do, so here’s what’s happened so far:

In the first episode “The Smile”  the season opened with some drastic changes to major characters.  The crazy yet genius Carrie Matheson, played by Claire Danes, is looking to be on the mend after her electro-shock therapy from the first season, but is no longer a member of the CIA.  POW turned terrorist Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) is now officially a U.S. Congressman (scary, I know).  The premiere episode starts of by giving some light on what has happened with our characters since we left the first season.  We then are introduced to a major uprising of violence in the Middle East as Israel has been bombing Iran.  Mandy Patinkin, who plays Saul Berenson is stationed here  when he is approached by one of Carrie’s former assets claiming she has information on an imminent attack on America, but refuses to talk to anyone but Carrie.  After pleas from Saul and  David Estes (David Harewood), Carrie reluctantly decides to go to Beirut to help her old colleagues out.  Meanwhile, Congressman Brody receives some surprising news from Vice President Walden (Jamey Sheridan) when he is told that he will be floated as a potential candidate for Vice President on Walden’s upcoming ticket.  Later on, Brody meets with a journalist, Roya Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson) who reveals herself as an Abu Nazir informant.  He is given an assignment to steal a list of potential attack targets from Estes safe.  After a heated debate of loyalty between the two, Brody agrees.  Meanwhile, at school during a heated religious debate, Dana (Morgan Saylor) accidentally exclaims that her father is a muslim.  This causes quite the disturbance between Jessica (Morena Baccarin) and Brody ultimately ending up in his confession to her about his religion.  She eventually throws his Quran on the floor in anger.  The episode closes with a suspenseful chase in Beirut with Carrie and a Lebanese policeman which she eventually flees from.

In the second episode “Beirut is Back” Carrie meets with her asset, Fatima Ali, who gives her stunning news.  She reveals to Carrie a time and place where here husband will be meeting with Abu Nazir.  Carrie and Saul relay this message to Estes with the most urgency.  Estes is reluctant to see truth in the claim and is skeptical as wether or not he would be sending his men into an ambush.  The Brodys attend a function hosted by the Walden family where Vice President Walden asks Brody to sway the Secretary of Defense into telling the President to bomb the last nuclear site in Iran.  Jessica is approached by the Veep’s wife to help co-host a fundraiser with her, which she accepts.  Meanwhile in Beirut, Saul and Estes talk on the phone about the newest revelation and their trust in Carrie and her credibility, which leads to Carrie having a mental breakdown on the roof. After Saul consoles her, she tells him that she shouldn’t be trusted in her state, but that she had every bit of trust in her asset, so Saul gives the operation to capture Nazir a go.  As a meeting in the Pentagon is about to take place, Walden invites Brody in to watch where some high government officials are watching the live feed of the Abu Nazir operation.  When Brody actually realizes what is happening he sends the text “May 1” to Abu Nazir.  As he exits his vehicle, just as the spec ops team is about to open fire, one of his men shows him the text and he narrowly misses a bullet to the head.  On the way to get Fatima Ali safely to the U.S., Carrie disobeys orders and persistently  enters Fatima’s house to find anything her husband might have inside.  She stuffs everything in a satchel and narrowly escapes an angry mob.  Back in the U.S. Brody has a drink with his marine friends.  They persist in bothering him with theories about Walker and how really could have died, which irritates Brody and he immediately changes subjects.  The episode closes with Saul preparing to send reports back to Langley, and finds a hidden chip inside the satchel Carrie apprehended.  Inside was the video that Brody made before his attempted suicide bombing.

The third episode, “State of Independence” opens with Carrie staying up all night to prepare a report for a briefing at Langley the next day on the Nazir operation.  The next day Brody is called by Roya Hammad, the journalist, who informs him that the CIA has intelligence on the “tailor” who made Brody’s suicide vest in Gettysburg.  She tells him that he must go there immediately and recover him and extract him to a safehouse.  Conflicted with having to make a speech at Jessica’s fundraiser, he leaves anyways lying to her on his way out.  Brody goes and picks up the reluctant tailor who bombardes him with questions on their way to the safehouse, but a flat tire delays their trip.  After the tire is changed, they proceed to a gas station, where the tailor flees into a forest nearby, Brody chases him down after sometime and tackles him, impaling him on a stick in the ground.  He begs to be taken to the hospital and between Jessica’s persistent phone calls and questions of where he is, he breaks the tailors neck and buries him.  Back at Langley, Carrie is distraught when she finds out that she cannot attend the debrief, Estes also questions wether she thought she was going to be reinstated after her Beirut operation.  She proudly says ‘no’ and cries in the elevator.  She then moves out of her sisters’ house and goes back to her apartment.  She proceeds to take a bunch of pills and drink a bottle of wine hoping to kill herself.  She lays down in bed and after trying to fall asleep, she aborts her decision and forces herself to vomit the pills up.  The episode closes with Saul banging at Carries door, after she lets him in he tells her that he has something that she deserves to see.  He shows her the video of Brody he found, which immediately sends her into tears.

Ok, now that were caught up this past Sunday’s episode was the best one so far, and is going to make the rest of the season amazing I think.

Since the start of the season, I have been wondering what they were going to do with Brody’s character.  How long could they prolong his terrorism without being caught? Would he become Vice Preisdent or even President?  The fourth episode, “New Car Smell” really put that in perspective for me.

We pick up the episode where we left off, after Sauls stunning reveal to Carrie about her accurate theories on Brody.  Saul shows the video to Estes at his home, which stuns and terrifies him.  After some discussion, Saul and Estes agree to put surveillance on Brody, but under some certain circumstances.  The only people that would know about this would be Saul, Estes, Carrie, and Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), an analyst that Estes insists will be running the operation.  Brody’s office is tapped with Cameras and also his phones.  Carrie’s old pals Virgil and Max are given the task of tailing Brody outside his office and gathering intel.

Back at the Brody residence, Sgt. Brody attempts to reconcile with Jessica after his less than stellar actions the previous night, when he missed her fundraiser.  Jessica has had her suspicions about Brody for awhile now, and she’s known about his affair with Carrie and his newfound religion, so there is definitely some trust issues going on there.  After an attempted apology, an infuriated Jessica demands an explanation saying she knows something is gong on.  Brody says that he really wants to tell her but that he can’t and for her to just trust him.  She’s gives him an ultimatum telling him either to tell her something ‘real’ or he can sleep somewhere else.  Brody chooses to just leave and checks into a hotel, which Quinn’s team miraculously taps into as well.

Quinn’s team and Carrie come up with a brilliant plan to get Brody to breakdown.  They plan to go for his ‘achilles heel’ which in fact is Carrie herself.  They plan for her to run into Brody at CIA headquarters, in hopes to get him paranoid and maybe contact one of his handlers.  This gets put into action and they run into each other, and Carrie informs Brody that she is back with the CIA in a way but is rather blunt about it.  Carrie performs and composes herself beautifully, in turn spooking Brody who calls Hammad informing her of his conversation.  She tells him not to worry she’s probably back because of the Nazir sighting.

Meanwhile, at the Brody residence, Jessica receives and unexpected inebriated visitor.  Brody’s marine buddy Louder (Marc Menchaca) shows up screaming and going on about Brody, refusing to leave until he gets home.  After repeated attempts to get a hold of him, she finally calls Mike (Diego Klattenhoff) for some help.  Mike picks up Louder, and in the car the discuss Brody and Walker.  They both speculate and agree that Brody has not been the same ever since he came back.  Louder speculates that he and Walker have always been a team and that they were possibly working together the day Walker shot Elizabeth Gaines.  On a sidenote, Dana gets shown the Washington Monument by Finn, the Vice President’s son who she has become fond of.  The two share a kiss which she stops because of her boyfriend Xander.

The episode closes with Brody calling Carrie from the hotel bar asking her to come ‘bury the hatchet’.  She goes and they have a very candid conversation. They talk about Brody’s marriage problems, and how Carrie is close to finally catching Nazir.  They part ways and she is congratulated by Saul and Quinn.  However, she is unsatisfied with the result saying she saw an ‘anger’ in his eyes.  She disobeys orders and proceeds to Brody’s room.  There, she blows her cover revealing what she knows about him.  Out of safety for Carrie, Saul orders his team to apprehend Brody, as Carrie cries when he is being taken out.

The last few minutes of this episode were probably the best i’ve seen on this show so many things were finally accomplised and I am very surprised this happened this early in the episode.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the season, and I hope you are as excited as I am!

Do you think Brody will finally meet his demise? Let us Know your thoughts!

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